Liquefying liver and gallbladder stones will boost the immune system.

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03/01/2021 20:14

Intra-hepatic solidified bile stones are prevalent. Liquefying these liver and gallbladder stones and removing them will boost the immune system. (With many additional benefits.)

Giant liver stones.

As someone who has broken world records (assuming there are any) in liver flushes, coffee enemas, and others, it seems obvious there should be a technology for dissolving gallstones and livers. These stones have a fatty composition, which can be dissolved relatively easily (although they sometimes crystallize and calcify). The benefit to the immune system is enormous and in combination with blood purification technologies, a potent effect can be achieved.


Laser device integrated with MRI scanner (for maximum accuracy)

Laser canon melting solidified liver bile stones.MRI machine is needed for extreme accuracy.

The idea is to liquefy intra-hepatic and gallbladder stones and remove them from the body under an MRI scanner with a laser cannon.

A realistic scenario using available technologies. (Not science fiction.)

  • The patient will need a strict diet for a few days. (Quite similar to colonoscopy.) To enable the bile to flow throughout the entire intestines and colon.
  • The MRI scanner will interface with a very accurate Laser canon that can heat these intra-hepatic stones to very high temperatures to liquefy them. (Without any damage to the surrounding tissue.)
  • The patient will be given solid laxatives and medications that relax the digestive system muscles. 
  • A robotic arm with a warm pillow will gently massage the abdominal area to release the blockages and promote bowel movement (before the liquified bile solidifies again). 
  • The patient will be connected to a hydrocolonic (colon cleansing) machine in a nearby room to analyze feces, solidified bile stones, and other leftovers before entering the sewerage. 
    • This procedure can continue in a nearby room without needing close medical attention under the MRI scanner.


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Advanced medical equipment manufacturers now have the option of developing innovative technology that can dissolve gallstones and significantly strengthen the immune system at affordable prices.

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