Sexual identities, orientations, and behavior.

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26/11/2020 14:13

Sexual Identity and sexual orientation are energetic traits, while sexual behavior is influenced by personality and environment.

Sexuality definitions.

Although there is a connection between these 3 states, sexual identity and orientation are energetic traits determined before birth. In contrast, sexual behavior is a trait related to personality, which develops over the years and is associated with the environment, education, culture, and various constraints. There are quite a few definitions which are not uniform. I bring a relatively simple version.


Sexual identity, sexual orientation, and asexual behavior. (Simplified definitions)

We all have a sexual identity, sexual orientation, and sexual behavior. These three definitions are related but not the same.

  • Sexual identity - refers to the sex to which we feel emotionally-energetically connected; most often, it is our biological sex. Occasionally, there is a conflict between the biological sex (with which we are born) and the sex we feel connected to.
  • Sexual orientation -usually answers the question of which sex we are attracted to. (Opposite sex, same as ours, both sexes, or neither.)
  • Sexual behavior - How humans experience and express their sexuality. (Sexual behavior (Wikipedia

While there are only 9 combinations of identity and sexual plus asexual orientation, there are dozens of categories of sexual behavior that are perceived as unusual or strange.

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