Why chronic is morbidity steadily rising worldwide?

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08/03/2021 21:26

Without accurately identifying the causes of chronic diseases, conventional medicine treats only the symptoms of the disease and thus perpetuates them.

Chronic morbidity.

The primary causes and catalysts of chronic morbidity are always a dynamic combination of:

  1. Psychological - Energetic - When we talk about emotional stress and trauma, they have a unique energetic expression. (Lifeforce energy.) 
  2. Lifestyle and Diet - Today, experts usually agree on most variables of healthy living and proper nutrition.
    1. The environment, weather, and exposure to pathogens significantly impact the immune system. (Although they are not the primary cause of chronic morbidity, they are catalysts.)
  3. Genetics. (Predetermined at birth) - Cracking the genetic code was an impressive achievement, but it didn't help solve the riddle of chronic morbidity.
    1. Gender & age.

If you solve equations with three variables with only two formulas, you will find almost endless possibilities. Without decoding the disease's causes, the medicine handles the disease's symptoms! But such treatment has a heavy price.

The mental-spiritual (Energetic) state has a far-reaching effect on the body, but Western medicine often does not know how to deal with this dimension. Therefore, it usually works to treat the symptoms of the disease rather than its causes!


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