Seeing mental illnesses and addictions as energetic processes may change how they are treated.

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30/08/2022 6:00

The perception of emotions, personality, behavior, and intuition as a flow of energy will significantly change the perspective of the behavioral sciences.


Looking at emotions from the neurological aspect of nerve conduction and various chemicals is correct but simplistic. I found no mention of the subconscious and intuition as part of human emotions in many definitions, although they have a significant component. Link: Emotion (Wikipedia) 

Drug treatments for mental illnesses are not intended to cure the disease but to alleviate its symptoms. The development of energetic models of emotional and behavioral activity will allow in the future the healing of mental illnesses and addictions, as well as other disorders on the cognitive spectrum.


Unsurprisingly, Love, Envy, Hatred, and Revenge are interconnected.

Love, envy, hatred, and revenge are phenomena that exist not only in humans; they are prominent in other mammals.

Unsurprisingly, Love, Envy, Hatred, and Revenge are interconnected.

Love, envy, hatred, and revenge are part of a parallel energetic cycle manifested by the 4 phases of life. 

Every significant interpersonal long-term interaction is expressed in one of the two sets. (Triangles) Positive or Negative. An "indifferent" state is usually a temporary state. Good chemistry between people helps us enter the positive cycle, while bad interpersonal chemistry drags us into the negative cycle.

  • Love is a synchronized flow of life-force energy throughout the four phases of life. The negative emotions (envy, hatred, and revenge) result from a life-force energy block in one or more of the 4  phases of life due to a mismatch in interpersonal interaction. (Inevitable phenomenon)
  • The four groups of emotions serve explicit purposes; they are synchronized with the energy of life. Negative emotions are the other side of the same coin.

Paradoxically, negative emotions have a survival purpose, but overload causes a "short-circuit of energy flow."

Positive: (Love, happiness, Hope, optimism, Satisfaction, relief) 

  • Love and all positive emotions charge the energy of life, and it exists when there are no energetic blockages. Without love, people are often unhealthy and unhappy.

Negative: Envy, frustration, Revenge, aggression, hate, anger) 

  • Envy - is intended to produce deterrence and belonging to a social rank. Jealousy stimulates the drive to achieve.
  • Hatred- Hate is a warning mechanism - do not come near - you may harm yourself and me. Hate is a powerful emotion, often even more so than love.
  • Revenge - Revenge is a defense mechanism against possible harm by any attacker; the problem is that sometimes revenge goes out of proportion and connects to hatred and envy. A good example can be found in Quentin Tarantino's revenge films.

It's easier for us to forgive someone we love than for someone we do not love.

  • The phenomenon explains the energetic synchronization towards someone we love, who activates an energetic charge. Forgiveness allows for a recharge of energy. Jealousy, hatred, and revenge discharge the energy of life.

In all cultures and religions, you will find (quite similar) stories about love, jealousy, hatred, and revenge. This is, of course, no coincidence!

  • The energetic blockages gradually shift to the subconscious, where routine psychological treatments can not penetrate. Forgiveness, mercy, and absolution require extraordinary transcendence that often requires spiritual "enlightenment."
  • Envy, hatred, and revenge are evidence of energy blockage. This is an almost inevitable phenomenon, but it severely harms our health.
  • If you look at developed mammals, you can detect the same four groups of emotions: love, envy, hatred, and revenge because every living creature has 4 four phases of life.


Link: The Unified, Bipolar, Energetic model of Primary Emotions.

Today there is more hidden than visible about the causes of mental illnesses and addictions. Looking at the mind and spirit as an energetic entities when the subconscious directs it will significantly change the treatment methods.

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