Pros and cons of Homeopathy, Bach flower, Colloidal silver, Ozone therapy, and Colon irrigation.

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Several therapies I have performed without significant benefits: Homeopathy, Bach flower, Colloidal silver, Ozone therapy, and Colon irrigation.

Sherlock Holmes. (Investigation)

Many treatments whose benefits are questionable have been created due to the lack of a unified medical science philosophy that marks the boundaries and logic of each therapy and its suitability to treat the disease effectively. I have experience in all mentioned treatments. In this article, I present several pros and cons of the therapies: Homeopathy, Bach flower, Colloidal silver, Ozone therapy, and Colon irrigation.


Homeopathy Explained – Gentle Healing or Reckless Fraud?

Homeopathy is the most common alternative treatment.

Link: Homeopathy (Wikipedia)

The homeopathic treatment is based on my understanding of the placebo effect.

Link: The placebo effect is not imaginary but requires almost blind and most profound belief!

My homeopathy experience.

  • My homeopathy therapist is a qualified doctor whom I met at a private clinic for patients in difficult situations. (Most of them were cancer patients) The therapist was very attentive, kind, and empathetic. I went to his house several times for a very comprehensive questioning. After several attempts to take medicine specially formulated for me, I felt nothing! The next attempts were with a stronger treatment, strangely at a much higher dilution. (Contrary to all the principles of chemistry) Finally, after several months of fruitless attempts, I stopped the homeopathic treatment.

Pros and Cons.

The great advantage of homeopathy is that it is painless, easy to perform, does not have any side effects, and does not require prior preparations. Its primary disadvantage is that without an explicit action mechanism, it cannot treat the causes of chronic diseases!


  • The doctor's investigation was lengthy, thorough, and exhaustive.
  • Easy treatment without pain or discomfort. 
  • No side-effects.


  • I have made four attempts with the most potent homeopathic remedies available - With no effects!
  • The mechanism of action of the homeopathic method is unclear.
  • It only works when the patient fully believes he is recovering from homeopathic treatment. (Placebo effect)


Bach flower remedies. (Method of homeopathic treatment)

The treatment method is named after an English homeopathic doctor named Edward Bach. The method is based on 38 plant extracts diluted with water and brandy extract. The concentration given is extremely low and has no chemical-pharmacological significance. In my opinion, Bach flowers (as well as homeopathy) are based on the placebo effect.

Link: Bach flower remedies (Wikipedia) 

My Bach flower experience.

  • I became acquainted with the Bach flower method with an acupuncturist (in Israel) who recommended I try it. Unlike acupuncture, which has a clear and immediate effect on Bach flowers, there was no reaction in my case.

Since the Bach flower method (at least to me) is reminiscent of homeopathy, the advantages and disadvantages of the method are the same as homeopathy.


Colloidal silver water.

Colloidal silver water.

Drinking colloidal silver water. 

I came across recommendations for colloidal silver water on a few websites, so I decided to try it. I used huge quantities (dozens of bottles at a very high concentration) without any significant benefit.

Pros and Cons.


  • The silver ions solution seems to have an excellent ability to destroy pathogens.
  • Silver in the body has relatively low toxicity. (Compared with other metals.)


  • This is a symptomatic treatment that cannot eliminate the causes of the disease.
  • Silver metal is not found in the human body naturally.
  • Prolonged use of the accumulation of silver in the skin and tissues may have side effects. There is also a contradiction with several medications.
I do not recommend the treatment of silver ions because silver ions are not naturally found in the human body, and the treatment is only symptomatic. It does not treat by strengthening the immune system.


Ozon enriched blood therapy.

Ozon enriched blood therapy.

Ozone-enriched blood therapy (transfusions of ozone-enriched blood) and drinking ozone-enriched water. 

A clinic of qualified physicians recommended ozone therapy. I treated both ozone blood transfusion and ozone-enriched water as part of the treatments. (Using a device I purchased at Amazon.)

Pros and Cons. Later I also tried to drink ozone-enriched water (a device I bought on Amazon) without any noticeable effect.


  • Ozone (at reasonable doses) has no side effects because it is an unstable molecule that breaks down within minutes of oxygen.
  • In theory, ozone can oxidize (destroy) various pathogens.


  • I performed an ozone transfusion in massive amounts (dozens of) without significant benefit.
  • Drinking and enemas of ozone-rich water did not yield any positive results.
  • This is a symptomatic treatment that cannot eliminate the causes of chronic diseases.
  • Very expensive.  


Hydro-colonic treatment. (Colon irrigation)

Hydro-colonic treatments. (Colon irrigation)

Hydro-colonic treatments (Colonic irrigation) # Coffee enemas. 

I have performed dozens of colon irrigation in a private clinic with no significant benefits.

Pros and Cons.


  • In low-frequency use, there are no risks and no side effects.
  • The device is connected to a sewage pipe that shows the body's waste - very visual.
  • Emptying feces with residues accumulated in parts of the colon.


  • Prolonged use may cause an imbalance in the body's electrolytes.
  • Colon irrigation does not affect the small intestine and parts of the colon.
  • This is a symptomatic treatment that cannot eliminate the causes of chronic diseases!
  • Colon irrigation immediately affects colorectal emptying, seemingly while significantly decreasing weight. In practice, there is no long-term effect on weight.


Symptomatic treatments usually cannot cure chronic illnesses, as they cannot eliminate the disease's causes.

It is essential to emphasize that pathogens are not the cause of the disease in a chronic stage of any acquired chronic disease but only the catalyst. The cause of chronic diseases is a weak immune system.

  • Recovery occurs only when the disease causes (mental & physical) are resolved and eliminated.
  • The fact that I did not derive medical benefits from these therapies I reviewed is not the evidence.
  • It is essential to ensure that you are treating the causes of the disease or at least strengthening the immune system with a clear methodology.


I wish you a successful choice.

Frequently asked questions and answers:
Where and when did I perform the mentioned therapies?
The therapies mentioned were all performed in Israel, in private clinics (except for ozone water and colloidal silver water) over several years, mainly from 2009-2015.
Why is homeopathy the most common alternative (self-healing) treatment?
Homeopathy is a therapy that does not require any effort from the patient, has no side effects, and the treatment price is usually reasonable.
Why is it vital to understand the treatment's mechanism of action and its ability to neutralize the causes of the disease?
Symptomatic treatments usually cannot cure chronic diseases, as they cannot eliminate their causes.
Is "antiseptic" treatment, such as ozone infusions or therapy of silver ions, capable of bringing about recovery from chronic infectious diseases?
The answer is usually no! The explanation is more philosophical. In chronic inflammations resulting from pathogenic infection, the cause of the disease is not the pathogen that is only the catalyst for the disease but a weakened immune system.
Why do so many (primarily private) clinics offer these treatments?
Chronically ill patients, who have given up on conventional treatments and suffer from pain or severe symptoms, are ready to try almost everything! These therapies, which are usually relatively easy to operate, do not involve significant risks and have a good profit potential.
Millions of people who have used homeopathy report it is a helpful remedy!
The activation mechanism of homeopathy is not declared; it is probably the placebo effect. (The method is based on dilution to distilled water levels, contrary to any known chemical or physical principle.) The placebo effect has, in some cases, a positive impact; at the same time, the patient must believe (blind faith) in the method. (Therefore, it is also not suitable for everyone)
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