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26/01/2021 0:54

Innovative futuristic and practical theories and suggested technologies in medicine, science, and philosophy—Out-of-the-box thinking.

Years of living on the brink of death brought me into a state of deep meditation, which allowed me to gain unconventional insights into many areas of medicine, science, and philosophy. This blog describes, in detail, the unique insights I gained, some of which were received through channeling with extraterrestrials. 

Innovative science and technological topics:

01/01/2024 5:23
Charles Darwin's theory of evolution is so entrenched that even when there is evidence to the contrary, no scientist would dare to speak against it.
01/01/2024 4:52
Viruses mutate, but this is an entropy mechanism and cannot be attributed to natural selection, a biological process that applies only to organisms.
01/01/2024 1:45
Several theories attempt to explain the disappearance of Neanderthals, but none are convincing. I offer a completely different explanation.
05/12/2023 2:06
We are in the first out of four stages of the encounter with extraterrestrials. At this stage, the public is given information intended to reassure.
04/12/2023 2:01
The civil aviation industry will have to be transformed into the 21st century. Massive changes in technologies and infrastructure are a must.
27/10/2023 10:03
Quantum entanglement does not contradict the laws of physics! The speed limit is much faster in higher dimensions than in our 3D world.
08/07/2023 2:53
It is impossible to travel faster than the speed of light, but the limitation exists only in the 3D we live in and not in other dimensions.
01/07/2023 5:04
Time is not an independent dimension but part of the fabric of spacetime. The fact that time may be spiral-cyclic does not contradict any physical law.
01/07/2023 4:28
The movement at the speed of light is very slow to conquer space. There is a need for technologies based on physics that are unknown to humanity.
03/04/2023 5:31
Without a mathematical simulation of imagination, creativity, emotions, thoughts, and intuition, reaching advanced AI is impossible.
22/02/2023 14:50
Looking at viral mutations as a completely random process is incorrect. Viruses have a built-in entropy (disorder) mechanism.
30/08/2022 10:37
The Big Bang theory fits perfectly with the laws of modern physics only when multiverses are assumed.
12/01/2022 7:28
A combination of existing technologies may, at relatively low costs, prevent accidents caused by drunk driving and the influence of drugs.
03/06/2021 20:57
The primary challenge in developing cyborgs stems from the need to simulate the human body's physiology, behavior, and emotions into mathematical formulas.

Medicine and human function-related topics:

04/12/2023 1:15
Medicine does not fully understand the causes of lipoma and mistakenly attributes obesity and heredity as the leading causes.
17/01/2023 16:03
Logically, one would expect the opposite findings since animals have no morals, values, or laws that restrict them from incest.
03/11/2022 4:45
Dreams are a process of sorting and cataloging the files of everything we experience, meant to be kept in our virtual library. (cloud backup)
03/11/2022 3:58
The accepted (but incorrect) explanation for yawns, which also exist in fetuses and mammals, is that yawning is intended to cool the brain.
17/10/2022 6:11
I propose to see curiosity as an energetic phenomenon embedded in every living being at different levels. Entropy requires the existence of curiosity!
14/09/2022 5:37
There are thousands of IQ geniuses, but only a few are considered great geniuses. The ability to connect with nature's knowledge is critical and rare.
14/09/2022 4:52
Explaining sexual identities and orientations by heredity, environment, and epigenetics failed! Because these are energetic-magnetic properties.
30/08/2022 6:00
Perceiving emotions and behavior as disturbances in energetic flow may change the way psychiatry treats mental illness and disorders.
30/08/2022 5:48
Whoever looks at the definition of inflammation will find that the answer to the question is implied from the definition.
12/03/2022 17:07
Sex has enormous significance in inner happiness, social life, raising the children, and the energetic charge accompanying them.
12/03/2022 16:55
The perception of emotions, personality, instincts, and intuition as an energy flow may significantly change the behavioral sciences perspective.
14/01/2022 4:21
The dominant hand is determined through brain optimization processes to save resources. The model is consistent with all existing findings.
29/01/2021 5:53
For those who have not led a healthy lifestyle, it will be possible to emulate a healthy lifestyle and nutrition by technological means.
27/01/2021 9:02
To this purpose, it is mandatory to build advanced artificial intelligence systems in the service of medicine.
27/01/2021 8:48
A self-healing resort in a surrealistic environment with one-stop-shop health services can be a reality shortly. This is not a new idea, just a different emphasis.
27/01/2021 8:11
Decoding the causes (beyond genetics) of all chronic diseases and addictions is a feasible project that will change the world of medicine.
03/01/2021 20:14
Intra-hepatic solidified bile stones are prevalent. Liquefying these liver and gallbladder stones and removing them will boost the immune system. (With many additional benefits.)
31/12/2020 14:42
This question is philosophical but has far-reaching implications for the human race as the answer "yes" may imply we live in a simulation.

Philosophy and math:

12/03/2022 17:18
Questions about life's essence and purpose have preoccupied scholars and philosophers since immemorial. But without an unequivocal answer.
13/01/2022 4:06
Such attempts have been made; the conclusion was that the body loses about 23 grams of weight at the time of death. (Tremendous amount of energy.)
13/01/2022 3:20
Many philosophers and scientists debate the essence of life and free will. However, it will not be possible to prove any of the theses.
03/05/2021 21:40
Some small examples of the numerical meanings of the sequence 3-6-9. And some other numerological properties of names.
15/04/2021 19:20
Love has tremendous power to recharge the life-force (qi) energy. Love in numerology represents the highest energy level of 9.
06/03/2021 22:21
The Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Series raise profound philosophical questions - is all of nature governed by mathematical laws?
11/01/2021 7:15
The human body is optimally managed to conserve life-force energy and fulfills the expected game theory! (Nash equilibrium)
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