Do extraterrestrials abduct humans?

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25/11/2020 14:16

Humans woke up in extraterrestrial spaceships; most stories are reliable; however, their interpretation requires profound explanation.


Abducting humans for experimental purposes and mutilating animals, sometimes brutally, would give a wrong impression of extraterrestrials as violent. At the same time, a more in-depth explanation is required.


The Council of the Extraterrestrial Federation has instructed all its members (55 civilizations) to treat humans respectfully.

  • Extraterrestrials explicitly acknowledge and half-heartedly apologize for some of the incidents perpetrated by extraterrestrial civilizations that considered humans "inferior."
  • Extraterrestrials have been visiting Earth since the dawn of creation. Human experiments have existed throughout history. The experiments were not intended to harm humans; on the contrary! For the most part, extraterrestrials have treated health problems discovered in patients. It is essential to emphasize that extraterrestrials did not conceive human females, were not raped, and were never born hybrid offspring. Human eggs and sperm were extracted for experimental purposes.
  • In many cases, the people who woke up aboard extraterrestrial spaceships were emotionally damaged and traumatized. There are cases of people who have suffered from radiation poisoning. Aliens admit that these events must stop.

Extraterrestrials have clarified that after Earth joins the Extraterrestrial Federation, human experiments will only be carried out on volunteers treated by extraterrestrial doctors in joint coordination.

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