Causes vs. Symptoms vs. Catalysts and Triggers. (Often confused)

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26/04/2023 5:17

Recovery occurs only when all the disease causes (mental & physical) are resolved and eliminated. Symptomatic treatments cannot cure chronic diseases.

Causes vs. Symptoms vs, Triggers.

When firefighters put out a fire, they remove or neutralize the combustion material and only try to extinguish it! Modern medicine does not know how to identify the causes of chronic diseases very well and, therefore, usually chooses to treat the symptoms of the disease instead of its causes.


In cases of first-time infectious disease, pathogens are indeed the cause of the disease.

  • The same pathogens are only triggers and catalysts in chronic stages because the human body is designed to overcome intruders. A weak immune system is the underlying cause of chronic infectious or inflammatory diseases.  

Logically - a symptom of one disease - can not be the cause of another disease!

  • High blood pressure and high LDL cholesterol levels in the blood are not the cause of heart disease or diabetes! (Widespread logical error) The leading cause of these diseases is an unhealthy diet and an unhealthy (mental and physical) lifestyle. (Incessant tension, little sleep)

Seemingly, these are semantic definitions! But they dramatically impact the way doctors and the entire medical establishment think.


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