Will children today live to the age of 150?

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22/04/2022 4:29

The human body is too complex to prolong life only through drugs. Reverse aging requires mimicking a healthy lifestyle (mental & physical),


3D organ printing technologies are likely to evolve in the coming decades. The drugs will be replaced by technologies that mimic a healthy diet & lifestyle. It is important to emphasize that human heredity was not built to reach the age of 150 with a good quality of life. To get to the age of 150, it is necessary to lower the metabolic rate, but this requires drastic genetic changes that may completely change the human race. The primary challenge is a mathematical-statistical cracking of the subconscious and its effects on the human body. At the moment, we are not at all close to being able to bring people to a life expectancy of 150 years. The increase in life expectancy has dropped dramatically and is stabilizing.


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