Modern lifestyle and avoiding fatty foods cause large populations (even in sunny places) to be deficient in vitamin D.

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23/06/2021 21:50

Vitamin D3 is critical for proper immune system functioning. (Available by controlled sun exposure & foods rich in vitamin D.)

Modern lifestyle and avoiding fatty foods cause large populations (even in sunny places) to be deficient in vitamin D. image 1

It is advisable to incorporate controlled sun exposure with eating natural foods containing vitamin D3 to prevent vitamin D3 deficiency.

Link: Vitamin D (Wikipedia)


Vitamin D is a cholesterol derivative; its importance for the immune and hormonal system has been known. However, the coronavirus brought it back to the headlines.

  • Vitamin D3 absorption is much better when eating natural, unprocessed foods than artificial supplements.
  • Many products, such as milk, receive vitamin D supplements. Fortified vitamin D products are often processed foods! (Not recommended)
  • Some supplements contain vitamin D2, which is not available for immediate use until after liver synthesis for the active substance.
  • Top healthy foods rich in vitamin DSalmon, Sardines, Tuna, Egg yolk,  Ghee butter (Grass-fed milk), Oysters, Tofu (Soya Non-genetically modified), Mushrooms, and Orange Juice. (Sweet - limited quantities)


Controlled sun exposure has additional benefits beyond vitamin D3 production.

  • Fear of contracting skin cancer and working indoors for many hours has created a situation in which many people, even in sunny countries, are deficient in vitamin D. (Taking vitamin D supplements is not equivalent to natural vitamin D.)
  • The sun is the source of life, and it exists unlimitedly for free - it is essential to use this natural resource wisely.


The Healing Power of Sunlight.

Moderate exposure to the sun has many benefits that have been known for thousands of years:

LinkSun Exposure in History. (JAMA Dermatol.2015)

  • Creates natural vitamin D. (Essential.)
  • Elevates testosterone (The male sex hormone), Thus improving erection. Women do not have masculine side effects.
  • It helps relieve pain.
  • Charges the Qi energy.
  • It helps relaxation and improves sleep.
  • It promotes good moods and prevents depression.
  • Rejuvenates scar tissue and skin problems. (Depending on the stage.)


My experience with sunbaths is immense.

Link: Sun tanning (Wikipedia)

In the early stages of my severe liver disease, I noticed that controlled tanning contributes immediately to improving my energy.

  • I have over 13 years of experience with regular sunbaths; I have medium bright-colored skin with many freckles.
  • Usually, I lie on the grass in short sports pants and without a shirt, generally for 45 – 60 minutes once to twice a week.


Principles of controlled Solar Baths - Sunbathing.

Controlled exposure is essential in the healing processes of chronic skin diseases such as psoriasis.

  • Length of exposure should take into consideration:
    • Skin color.
    • Seasons, winter time when solar radiation is low, the length of exposure should be longer.
    • Weather conditions.
    • Sun intensity.
  • The maximum length of exposure is restricted to 45 minutes in summer and 60 minutes in winter. (Not more than twice a week.)
  • Unless it is wintertime, the best hours for solar baths are in the morning or afternoon when the sun is less intense and less harmful.
  • Exposure should be direct – not behind glass or using artificial tanning machines.
  • It is essential to expose as much of the skin surface as possible without applying sunscreen lotions. (Except for the skin on the face and neck.)
  • Before taking off your clothes, you should drink water, put on a hat to protect your head, and wear sunglasses if the sun is intense.
  • Expose the front and back of the body evenly, half-time for each side.

Protecting the skin of the face and neck.

  • It is recommended to sit in the sun with a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses. This is because the skin of the face and neck is susceptible to sun damage. Therefore, you can apply sunscreen to the face and neck only. (Only on a natural basis.)


Dead Sea sunbaths. (The lowest place on earth)

  • The Dead Sea area's climate is hot and dry; since very low, the harmful ultraviolet radiation is partially blocked in the atmosphere.
  • The Dead Sea is a unique place that charges the Qi energy faster than usual; I always feel much better afterward.

The Dead Sea is a salt lake between Israel & Jordan, well known for its health benefits to chronic skin patients.

Many people with skin problems, including psoriasis, come worldwide to get cured in the Dead Sea sun and with the Dead Sea waters' unique minerals.


Controlled sun exposure is essential and contributes to good health, above and beyond expectations.

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