Vitamin D3 is critical for proper immune system functioning.

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23/06/2021 21:50

Vitamin D3 is critical for proper immune system functioning. It is recommended by controlled sun exposure and foods rich in vitamin D.


Uncontrolled sun exposure can cause damage, but sun exposure should not be avoided. It is essential to emphasize that sun exposure is not the cause of skin cancer! It is advisable to incorporate controlled sun exposure with natural foods containing vitamin D3 to prevent vitamin D3 deficiency. The absorption of vitamin D supplements is inferior to that of natural foods or controlled sun exposure. Link: Vitamin D (Wikipedia)


Vitamin D is a cholesterol derivative; its importance for the immune and hormonal systems has been known. However, the coronavirus brought it back to the headlines.

  • Vitamin D3 absorption is much better when eating natural, unprocessed foods than artificial supplements.
  • Many products, such as milk, receive vitamin D supplements. Fortified vitamin D products are often processed foods! (Not recommended)
  • Some supplements contain vitamin D2, which is unavailable immediately until the liver synthesizes the active substance.

Top healthy foods rich in vitamin DSalmon, Sardines, Tuna, Egg yolk,  Ghee butter (Grass-fed milk), Oysters, Tofu (Soya Non-genetically modified), Mushrooms, and Orange Juice. (Sweet - limited quantities)


Controlled sun exposure has additional benefits beyond vitamin D3 production.

  • Fear of contracting skin cancer and working indoors for many hours has created a situation in which many people, even in sunny countries, are deficient in vitamin D. (Taking vitamin D supplements is not equivalent to natural vitamin D.)
  • The sun is the source of life, and it exists unlimitedly for free - it is essential to use this natural resource wisely.

Moderate exposure to the sun has many benefits that have been known for thousands of years:

LinkSun Exposure in History. (JAMA Dermatol.2015)

  • Creates natural vitamin D. (Essential.)
  • Elevates testosterone (The male sex hormone), Thus improving erection. Women do not have masculine side effects.
  • It helps relieve pain.
  • Charges the Qi energy.
  • It helps relaxation and improves sleep.
  • It promotes good moods and prevents depression.
  • Rejuvenates scar tissue and skin problems. (Depending on the stage.)


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