Vitamin D3 is critical for proper immune system functioning.

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23/06/2021 21:50

Vitamin D3 is critical for proper immune system functioning. (Available by controlled sun exposure & foods rich in vitamin D.)


It is advisable to incorporate controlled sun exposure with eating natural foods containing vitamin D3 to prevent vitamin D3 deficiency. The absorption of vitamin D supplements is inferior to that of natural foods or controlled sun exposure.

Link: Vitamin D (Wikipedia)


Vitamin D is a cholesterol derivative; its importance for the immune and hormonal system has been known. However, the coronavirus brought it back to the headlines.

  • Vitamin D3 absorption is much better when eating natural, unprocessed foods than artificial supplements.
  • Many products, such as milk, receive vitamin D supplements. Fortified vitamin D products are often processed foods! (Not recommended)
  • Some supplements contain vitamin D2, which is not available for immediate use until after liver synthesis for the active substance.
  • Top healthy foods rich in vitamin DSalmon, Sardines, Tuna, Egg yolk,  Ghee butter (Grass-fed milk), Oysters, Tofu (Soya Non-genetically modified), Mushrooms, and Orange Juice. (Sweet - limited quantities)


Controlled sun exposure has additional benefits beyond vitamin D3 production.

  • Fear of contracting skin cancer and working indoors for many hours has created a situation in which many people, even in sunny countries, are deficient in vitamin D. (Taking vitamin D supplements is not equivalent to natural vitamin D.)
  • The sun is the source of life, and it exists unlimitedly for free - it is essential to use this natural resource wisely.

Moderate exposure to the sun has many benefits that have been known for thousands of years:

LinkSun Exposure in History. (JAMA Dermatol.2015)

  • Creates natural vitamin D. (Essential.)
  • Elevates testosterone (The male sex hormone), Thus improving erection. Women do not have masculine side effects.
  • It helps relieve pain.
  • Charges the Qi energy.
  • It helps relaxation and improves sleep.
  • It promotes good moods and prevents depression.
  • Rejuvenates scar tissue and skin problems. (Depending on the stage.)


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