It is advisable to avoid GMO foods.

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  4. It is advisable to avoid GMO foods.
11/05/2023 5:35

Some plant foods undergo genetic changes that may harm their nutritional value; therefore, they should be avoided.


Plant genetic engineering has gained momentum, mainly due to the need to feed large populations at affordable prices. Plant genetic engineering has three main goals: increased resistance to spraying against pests, extending the product's shelf life, and creating hybrids and new varieties designed to attract the eye. However, the changes caused by genetic engineering sometimes harm the nutritional values of food. Entire industries can be found today based on genetically modified foods, especially corn and soybeans, but not only. Anyone who has tasted a non-GMO tomato knows it tastes much better than a genetically modified tomato, but the change is not only in taste! But in protecting our bodies.


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