Thoughts about Love, getting in Love, and sexual attraction.

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14/07/2021 1:24

Countless stories, songs, and movies have been written about Love, and yet it is a topic that is always intriguing and relevant to everyone.

Alixin and me in a romantic date.

My wife is a beautiful and sexually attractive woman, but what made me fall in love with her was her kindness, loyalty, humanity, charming smile, unconditional help, and no material favors whatsoever.

Love is ageless. It has no boundaries. It has no culture, color, race, religion, language, or country! LOVE at first sight with my wife Alixin, who saved my life by giving unconditional Love. In the picture, we are having a festive dinner, at stages when I was still undergoing difficult and painful treatments.


  • LOVE - I suggest looking at Love as a harmonious, energetic synchronization that can recharge the energy of life. Therefore, deep Love is eternal and unrelated to age.
    • Love, for the first time, is felt only at short distances because the subconscious must decipher the energetic field of the partner. Images or videos do not provide this data.
  • Falling in Love - is a biological process that operates through chemical signals (pheromones) designed to serve the reproductive cycle. Falling in Love lasts a few years, and then it fades. Love, on the other hand, is for life.
  • Sexual attraction is primarily based on external appearance and behavior corresponding to our preferred profile.

It is essential to emphasize that there is no contradiction between these three situations, but they are not identical. Sometimes, you will find loving couples, over the years, who also have strong sexual attraction between them.

Is Love at first sight based on an attractive appearance?

  • The appearance always affects the background, but Love at first sight, means a robust, harmonious, energetic synchronization! Such a situation has a clear advantage throughout life together in mutual recharging of life energy. It happened to me when I was on the verge of death.

Why do matchmaking reality shows of very suitable people often fail?

  • An appealing, personalized exterior may indicate sexual attraction and appropriate social and economic background, but it cannot decipher the energetic synchronization inherent in Love!


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