Does Nash equilibrium exist in chronic infectious diseases?

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11/01/2021 7:15

The human body is optimally managed to conserve life-force energy and fulfills the expected game theory! (Nash equilibrium)

Nash equilibrium.

Nash equilibrium - Named after the mathematician John Forbes Nash Jr.


Although a draw is not ideal for the human body, chronic inflammation constitutes a Nash equilibrium.

  • Suppose each player has chosen a strategy, and no player can benefit by changing strategies while the other players keep theirs unchanged. In that case, the current strategy choices and their corresponding payoffs constitute a Nash equilibrium.

More examples: non-cooperative games.

  • The prisoner's dilemma is equilibrium when they are both traitors.
  • The bunny game equilibrium is when one travels straight, and the other deviates.


Does chronic inflammation constitute a Nash equilibrium? (The answer is YES)

All pathogens strategy:

  1. The pathogen wants to survive but does not want to kill the host.
  2. Expansion is possible everywhere.
  3. Enable "Superbug" peripheral protection as little as possible - utilizes energy that does not allow colony expansion.

Human strategy:

  1. Survival. (Requires life-force energy)
  2. Boosting the immune system requires a lot of energy.
  3. Antibiotics and similar medicines, such as antibiotics, kill some pathogens at the cost of reducing the body's energy.
  4. Steroids mitigate the symptoms and do not affect the pathogens. Prolonged use harms the body, but the painless mood may improve the body's energy and thus may help to eliminate the disease.

Note: Energy= Life-force energy # (Not equal) calories.


Chronic inflammation can be seen as an analogy to ancient wars.

A mighty army (human body) equipped with the best weapons.

  • Trying to starve the besieged city.
  • Builds folding ladders and hides them until the attack.
  • Builds catapults (antibiotics) that shoot heavy stones with flammables.

The other army is weak (pathogens) but surrounded by a very high Impermeable wall.

  • Pour boiling oil and heavy stones over the walls.
  • Arrows are fired at anyone trying to climb the wall.


The statement God is a mathematician is derived from the fact that logical-mathematical laws govern everything in nature.

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