Deciphering the underlying causes of all chronic acquired diseases.

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27/01/2021 8:11

Decoding the causes (beyond genetics) of all chronic diseases and addictions is a feasible project that will change the world of medicine.

Quantum computer.

If you solve equations with three variables using only two formulas, you will find almost endless possibilities. Without decoding the disease's causes, medicine handles the disease's symptoms! But such treatment has a heavy price. Quantum computing can initiate individually tailored therapies that will eradicate chronic diseases. It may be the medical revolution of the 21st century!


Decoding the causes of all chronic diseases, including cancer, mental illnesses, and addictions, is a possible task that will dramatically change the world of medicine. The treatment will focus on eliminating the causes of the disease rather than its symptoms. If we understand the close connection between chronic diseases (including cancer), mental illnesses, and addictions, we can treat them with methods, most of which will be without medications.

  • Although we think chronic diseases are a matter of chance, knowing that the body never works randomly is essential. Therefore, the nature of all chronic diseases, location, and severity are consequential!
  • Suppose we know precisely the causes of the disease. In that case, we can specifically neutralize them and bring about a quick recovery, with a sharp reduction in drug treatment designed to treat symptoms. Eliminating the causes will prevent suffering, side effects, unnecessary expenses, and severe side effects caused by the treatment.


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