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Inflammation is a natural reaction of the immune system that is part of the body's survival and self-defense mechanism. Inflammation is one of the most common symptoms in the human body.

Inflammation vs. Infection. (Often confused.)

Inflammation and infection are two closely related but separate phenomena. 

Link: Inflammation (From Wikipedia)

  • Inflammation is a natural and immediate response of the immune system in an attempt to repair any form of tissue damage. Such as blow, accident, harsh chemicals, radiation, burn, or infection of pathogens.
  • Infection is a direct result of pathogens; (Bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc.) 
  • The immune response to this infection is inflammation.
  • Although infections and infections are sometimes seen as synonyms, it is quite clear that there are many cases of inflammations that do not involve pathogens.

Prominent examples of inflammation that do not involve necessarily infection:

  • Knife injury while cutting.
  • A burn from an iron, stove, or boiling water.
  • Callus on foot from prolonged walking.

Inflammation is usually characterized by redness, swelling, (increased blood flow) pain in contact. There is always a fear that the place will become infected as well.


The human body is never sterile.

  • The digestive system and the skin are systems that are built to be nonsterile. (That is why they have a higher rate of cell regeneration), there are always pathogens in our bodies.
  • If the digestive system maintains the right balance between good bacteria and pathogens, the immune system responds effectively.
  • When the balance of the gut flora is disturbed, the immune system is very strained and may reach a state of chronic inflammatory diseases.
  • The location of the infection is not random. infections always start in the weakest place in the body. (Where the life-force energy is low.)


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Inflammation (not necessarily an infection) is part of the body's self-repair mechanism. Inflammations are a widespread phenomenon that produces many different symptoms and pain.
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