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"Miraculous recoveries" and the Placebo effect are directly connected.

Link: Placebo (Wikipedia)

  • If you ever wondered what is referred by the term "miraculous recovery" which is sometimes called "good luck," it has nothing to do with luck. It is the human spirit (Qi) balancing and curing the body.
  • The ability to endure enormous suffering is unbelievable when acceptance and hope are combined. Stories concerning "miraculous recovery" are always about hope, and mental & spiritual strength joined together. (Qi enhancing)

The placebo effect is real! It acts (subconsciously) to empower the life-force energy.

  • The placebo effect does not always work - it requires a strong belief (not necessarily religious) and deep emotions.
  • Acupuncture can control the intensity and location of the life-force energy, and it is not directly related to belief or deep emotions, unlike to the placebo effect.
  • You might ask yourself what is the connection between acupuncture and the placebo effect? The link is both strengthen the flow of life-force energy.
  • Deep love has the extraordinary ability to revive people with serious illnesses, and this is the same mechanism of the placebo effect.
  • Meditation, yoga, guided imagery, and other tools that help relaxation have a similar effect of empowering life-force energy.

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27/05/2018 17:20
Self- healing is like “performing miracles.” Every human being has this capability. It just needs to be revealed.
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