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Cysts, Polyps, and Tumors allow the working parts of an organ to be isolated from the damaged parts. Thus protecting the organ.


Cysts, polyps, and tumors are a symptom of prolonged inflammatory processes. The tumor does not cause any disease - it is a result! (Symptom) Modern medicine usually tends to treat the symptoms rather than the causes of the disease. Tumor removal often does not solve the problem because it does not eliminate the factors that caused the tumor to develop.

The main differences between these three types of benign tumors are tissue types that form various tumors.

  • Chronic inflammation and inflammation as a result of autoimmune diseases are the leading cause of the formation of C.P.T. (Cysts, Polyps, Tumors)
  • Weak blood flow and lymph fluid can cause the body to produce cysts.
  • Cysts are not the cause but a symptom of a highly toxic organ.

The human body can reverse this condition with its unique ability to make C.P.T. disappear. (If the proper conditions prevail.)

The main risk - If the body's energy decreases, there is a danger that these benign tumors will become cancerous.


Link: Tumors allow the working parts of an organ to be isolated from the damaged parts. (Authentic photo)

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07/07/2021 10:16
Tumors, cysts, and polyps are symptoms of prolonged inflammatory processes. Thus, surgical removal often does not solve the problem in the long run.
25/04/2021 12:55
We often ignore early symptoms until chronic pain or other worrying signs appear. Preventive medicine can reduce human suffering and enormous expenses.
11/08/2019 15:49
Four groups of immunodeficiency: Allergies, Chronic inflammations, Cancer, and Autoimmune diseases are explained as an energy flow failure.
05/06/2018 22:43
Liver Cysts are often small and appear wrapped in a dark membrane. The tiny blood vessels of the cyst can often be seen.
05/06/2018 22:43
When I first saw the stinking gut tissue, I went to the hospital with samples and photographs. The doctors were not impressed.

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04/12/2023 1:15
Medicine does not fully understand the causes of lipoma and mistakenly attributes obesity and heredity as the leading causes.
19/05/2022 9:23
This image is convincing proof of the phenomenal ability of the human body to recover from any tumor, polyp, or cyst.
06/03/2021 22:36
Tumors allow the working parts of an organ to be isolated from the damaged parts in self-defense. Therefore, a tumor is a symptom!
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