Sexual Identities and Orientations

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All Sexual Identities & Orientations are explained by known magnetic properties: Attraction and Repulsion.

The Main Conclusions of this Unified Theory.

This theory hypothesis suggests an entirely different approach to causes of all sexual identities & orientations in one unifying model. It is not trivial and requires imagination, but its basics are simple, attraction and repulsion.

According to this theory: 

All sexual identities & orientations are the outcome of the geometric configurations of the magnetic poles in the human body.

  • Sexual identities. (Dichotomous)
    • All Sexual Identities are predetermined at birth.
  • Sexual orientations. (Continous scale)
    • The magnetic fields' location in the human body is predetermined at birth, but they are not part of the heredity. There is likely an environmental impact on their final location in the newborn body. (Fits in with a well-known paradox in which identical twins with identical genetic characteristics do not have the same sexual orientation.)
    • Sexual Orientations are predetermined at birth for the majority of the population. Since it is a continuous scale, social and psychological reasons likely take place when people are close to the “separator range.” (Virtual range)


Sexual intercourse is not intended solely for reproduction or pleasure; it can also generate a bi-directional life-force energy charging.

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18/05/2019 16:37
There can be no separate explanation for each and all sexual identities and orientations; there must be a unifying model because that is how nature works.
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