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The idea of detoxification has become very popular, what is its purpose?

Detoxification is often an essential tool for boosting the immune system. 

Detoxification can be performed on three different levels.

  1. Nutrition-based detox -  A balanced diet of natural foods, drinking only natural drinks. (It is relatively slow detoxification suitable for people who wish to maintain good health.)
  2. Mechanical detoxification - In addition to proper nutrition, mechanical cleansing of organs carries a significant metabolic burden: liver, kidneys, and intestines. (This is a relatively quick detoxification that is most suitable for patients with chronic illnesses.)
    1. Mechanical detoxification of the liver, gallbladder, and kidneys has a far-reaching impact on the immune system. It is often necessary to combine with the release of psycho-energetic traumas from the past in chronic illnesses. 
  3. Additional immune & physiological boosters - Good night's sleep, exercise, sun exposure, acupuncture, and a few supplements such as omega3 and vitamin B12. 


The definition of "Antioxidants "was given in 1995 by Halliwell and Gutteridge. (Relatively new definition) 

  • The definition of antioxidants is relatively new and refers to a group of substances found mainly in plants that can inhibit or prevent damage to human cells and tissues.
    • Antioxidants are divided into several groups.


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05/03/2019 20:02
Intra-hepatic solidified bile stones are prevalent. Liquefying these liver and gallbladder stones and removing them will boost the immune system. (With many additional benefits.)
27/05/2018 17:20
Cupping and scraping are traditional anti-inflammatory therapies, widespread, especially in China.
27/05/2018 17:20
Modern life with poor nutrition and unnatural beverages burden the kidneys (and liver), so it is essential to cleanse the kidneys regularly. It has an immense impact on the immune system.
27/05/2018 17:19
It is advisable to incorporate controlled sun exposure with eating natural foods containing vitamin D3 to prevent vitamin D3 deficiency.
27/05/2018 17:19
Nutrients from food and natural beverages are better absorbed than any supplements and have no side effects. (Supplements can be harmful.)
27/05/2018 17:19
Massage of all kinds has an excellent effect on the body and mind - without any side effects. Reflexology before bed will make you fall asleep quickly.
27/05/2018 17:18
Liver Flush can dissolve the intra-hepatic stones coating, thus enable the cleansing of the liver & gallbladder. By unblocking the liver, gallbladder, intestines & kidneys, one can boost the immune system dramatically.
27/05/2018 17:18
Coffee enemas can release significant amounts of toxins stuck inside the liver and digestive tract due to bile duct obstructions. It has a considerable impact on strengthening the immune system.
27/05/2018 17:18
Drinking natural squeezed juices ensures a regular supply of essential nutrients to the body. It helps in the production of bile fluid, thereby boosting the immune system. Extraordinary benefits - No side-effects.
27/05/2018 17:18
Acupuncture is a powerful healing technique that affects the physical body by balancing the life-force (Qi) energy flow along the energy channels (meridians).
27/05/2018 17:17
Intermittent fasting can reactivate the hunger-satiety mechanism that has disappeared in the modern age of food abundance.
27/05/2018 17:08
The definition of antioxidants is relatively new and refers to a group of substances found mainly in plants that can inhibit or prevent damage to human cells and tissues.

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22/04/2022 5:07
Detoxification processes are often required to strengthen the immune system.
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