Autoimmune diseases

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Autoimmune diseases can be healed only by eliminating the mental and physical causes of the disease. Medications perpetuate the patient's illness.

Autoimmune diseases.

Autoimmune diseases. (The Relaxation phase.)

Link: Autoimmune disease. (Wikipedia)

General & introduction.

  • An autoimmune disease arises from an abnormal immune response to a normal body part. There are at least 80 types of autoimmune diseases. (Wikipedia.)

Common to all autoimmune diseases.

Women's positive, energetic magnetic pole is close to the heart and thymus gland. It probably affects the high incidence of autoimmune diseases in women.

  • The thymus gland is of great importance in understanding autoimmune diseases. The maturation of T blood cells is the one that enables self and no-self-recognition. The thymus gland belongs to the energetic dimension of the fourth center (Heart Chakra), whose driving force is Love, Relationships, and self-acceptance.
  • The proximity of the thymus gland to the positive pole in women probably affects in an (unfamiliar) way much more significantly than the hormonal effect, which is perceived as the main reason for the significant gaps in the incidence of autoimmune diseases in women.
  • The thymus reaches its peak size during the physiological period of puberty, after which it begins to shrink and degenerate. In old age, the organ has almost wholly disappeared.

Age factor (Unhealthy physical lifestyle) vs. Traumatic non-resolved events from the past.

  • The age factor - As symptoms onset at a younger age (30-35 years or less), it is more likely that the weight of unresolved mental traumas is higher than the unhealthy lifestyle. The explanation is that cell aging and death are cumulative, while unresolved traumatic events have an immediate and cumulative effect. (Particularly prominent in autoimmune diseases.)

Autoimmune diseases are curable, but not with drugs.

  • The idea that autoimmune diseases cannot be cured is fundamentally wrong. Autoimmune diseases are diseases that can be healed. (If we eliminate the mental and physical causes of the disease.)
  • Remissions often characterize autoimmune diseases. They are not accidental; they result from an increase in the body's life-force energy level. Remissions reinforce the idea that autoimmune diseases are curable diseases.

Hormonal Imbalances are a rational explanation of why women are more likely than men to get autoimmune diseases. (Although there are exceptions such as Type 1 diabetes.) But there are more profound explanations on the mental-energetic level.

Women's Hormonal Imbalances may cause an increased tendency to develop gallstones. The main reasons for women's increased tendency to form gallstones are hormonal imbalances such as pregnancy, birth control pills, medications, and insulin resistance. (Poor nutrition)


Link: Long-term immunodeficiency illnesses — Allergies, Chronic inflammations, Cancer, and Autoimmune.


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09/08/2021 17:05
Autoimmune diseases can be healed if we eliminate the mental and physical causes of the disease. Symptomatic treatments perpetuate the patient's dependence on drugs.
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