Chronic Inflammation Causes

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An unhealthy lifestyle (Mental and physical)  is the leading cause of chronic diseases. (80% or more). Genetics explains only a tiny part of the failures. (20% or less.)

Lifestyle and diet.

Chronic inflammation's underlying causes. (Body, Mind, and Spirit.)

Pathogens are not the cause of chronic disease outbreaks but only the triggers.

  • In chronic diseases, pathogens are not a cause of the disease but only catalysts that trigger further deterioration. The fundamental cause is always a weak immune system.

Lifestyle vs. Genetics. 

  • An unhealthy lifestyle (Mental and physical)  is the leading cause of chronic diseases. (80% or more). Genetics explains only a small part of the failures. (20% or less.)

The age factor - An unhealthy physical lifestyle vs. Traumatic non-resolved events from the past.

  • The age factor - As symptoms onset at a younger age (30-35 years or less), it is more likely that the weight of unresolved mental traumas is higher than the unhealthy lifestyle. The explanation is that the process of cell aging and death is cumulative, while unresolved traumatic events have an immediate and cumulative effect.

Physical Body.

  • An unhealthy lifestyle reflected in Improper nutrition, high body toxicity, low physical activities, and exposure to the sun, lack of sleep manifests itself in:
    • Insufficient flow of body fluids. (Blood, lymph, bile.)
    • Gut flora imbalance and parasite overgrowth cause a heavy load on the immune system.

Mind and Spirit.

Happiness, Love, Satisfaction, and other positive emotions charge life-force energy.   

Anxiety, Stress, disappointment, hate, fear, guilt, envy, and negative emotions deplete the life-force energy.

  • Traumatic Non-resolved mental & spiritual events from our past (usually subconscious) can cause poor life-force energy flow. (Blockages in the flow of life-force energy have far-reaching physical and mental effects.)

The combined effect of body, mind, and spirit.

  • A long list of symptoms. (Physical & Mental.)


  • Recovery occurs only when all the causes of the disease (mental & physical) are resolved and eliminated.
  • Symptomatic treatments usually cannot cure the patient, as they do not eliminate the disease's causes.


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25/04/2021 12:55
We often ignore early symptoms until chronic pain or other worrying signs appear. Preventive medicine can reduce human suffering and enormous expenses.
15/08/2020 10:56
Unsurprisingly, there is no uniform and precise definition or criteria for industrialized and processed foods. The ambiguity mainly serves the food industry.
04/03/2020 17:13
Fear puts many chronic heart disease patients into an excessive medication regimen that only causes harm and perpetuates their condition.
23/12/2019 9:43
Type 2 diabetes can be reversed without needing medication by using a balanced, natural, unprocessed diet, detoxification, and a relaxed lifestyle.
24/11/2019 9:33
It is advisable to take advantage of the liver's remarkable capabilities of regeneration to lower the burden on the injured kidneys.
11/08/2019 15:49
Four groups of immunodeficiency: Allergies, Chronic inflammations, Cancer, and Autoimmune diseases are explained as an energy flow failure.
31/03/2023 11:55
The digestive tract is the primary non-sterile internal system, forcing the immune system to fight relentlessly to prevent the overgrowth of pathogens.
06/09/2018 12:12
Migraines are symptoms of intracranial pressure due to disruption of the blood flow of the jugular (neck) veins resulting from swollen lymph nodes.
29/04/2019 16:10
Fibromyalgia manifests multiple chronic inflammations spread in various body systems, making it difficult to diagnose and treat.
01/08/2022 5:43
Chronic prostatitis is a depressive disease that drugs cannot cure, nor are Chinese remedies. Strengthening the immune system is the only option.
27/05/2018 17:12
Surgeries and drugs cannot cure Crohn's disease or Ulcerative colitis. Recovery is achievable only by strengthening the immune system. (Body, Mind, and Spirit)
25/05/2022 19:16
All chronic liver diseases obstruct the liver's blood and bile flow. By unblocking and cleansing the liver and kidneys, it is possible to initiate liver tissue regeneration. (Body, Mind, and Spirit)
01/08/2020 18:23
The SWOT analysis points to a mirror image between Modern and Self-Healing Medicines' weaknesses and strengths. Thus, Integration is requested.

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26/04/2023 5:17
Recovery occurs only when all the disease causes (mental & physical) are resolved and eliminated. Symptomatic treatments cannot cure chronic diseases.
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