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The Chinese concept of Qi is not easily translated into Western thought. Defined as ‘vital energy,’ ‘breath,’ ‘life force,’ or all, ‘Qi is all and none of them.

Qi life-force energy.

"To discover the universe's secrets, think about energy, frequency, and vibrations. (Nikola Tesla)" 

"To live is to have Qi in every part of your body." To die is to be a body without Qi. For health to be maintained, there must be a balance of Qi."

The body, mind, and spirit are reflections of each other. For thousands of years, it has been known that there is a close connection between the body and the mind, but modern medicine has abandoned this area almost completely.

The science of physics has long accepted the duality of matter and energy. Identifying life energy does not meet medicine's priorities, mainly because (Western) medicine does not see the human body as a dual entity. (Matter and energy)

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16/04/2021 17:05
Remember that failure is part of success; perseverance and determination are the keys to success.
10/02/2021 9:07
Recovery from severe chronic illnesses and addictions is usually associated with love and support. Without love, it is almost impossible to recover. (Also applies to same-sex couples)
23/10/2020 12:35
The placebo effect is not imaginary but requires unquestioning and profound belief! It is based on autosuggestive techniques boosting life energy.
22/10/2020 21:32
The subconscious is a survival self-defense mechanism bypassing logic. It is the bridge between the mind and body, making it spiritual.
27/05/2018 17:18
Acupuncture is a powerful healing technique that affects the physical body by balancing the life-force (Qi) energy flow along the energy channels. (Meridians).
27/05/2018 17:10
By complying with fundamental requirements (mental & physical) — All chronic acquired (non-genetic) diseases are curable!
27/05/2018 17:09
Prolonged chronic illness (including many addictions) has many characteristics of personal loss, so using the Kubler-Ross model is appropriate.

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19/05/2022 8:43
The main idea of traditional Chinese and Indian traditional medicine is balancing the body's life-force energy. An ingenious concept even today.
07/03/2021 18:38
Sexual intercourse is not intended solely for reproduction or pleasure; it can generate a bi-directional life-force energy charging.
27/01/2021 17:40
"To live is to have Qi in every part of your body.” To die is to be a body without Qi. For the health to be maintained, there must be a balance of Qi."
09/09/2020 20:06
Most people are not aware that acupuncture is an energetic therapy that can balance the Qi life-force energy. The tiny needles allow energy flow.
09/09/2020 20:22
It is difficult to describe the pain and suffering of a rotting body without liver function. My survival journey took 17 unbearable years.
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