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This is not a new model of the electric car. But it illuminates the obsession of one of the great geniuses of the 20th-century regarding vortex math - Nikola Tesla.

Tesla, which dealt with energetic conduction and, of course, with electricity, was interested in mathematics, the energetic properties of nature, which can be described as a  synchronized system that moves back and forth in fixed patterns. The mathematical description can be reduced to 9 digits from 1-9. (Without 0)

Love has a tremendous power that comes from being able to radiate life-force (qi) energy.

  • The theory behind the method is a bit complex and has fascinating mathematical elements.
  • According to this method, the digits are assigned to each word and are summed up to a reduction to a single-digit number from 1-9.

An example of how to calculate for LOVE. (If you perform a calculation for the value "Money," - You will receive the same answer!)

The number 9, located at the top of the triangle, is considered the highest energy level of the negative (giving) pole.

  • L  = 3 | O = 6 | V = 4 } E = 5 | 3 + 6+ 4+ 5 = 18 | 1+ 8 = 9 


LOVE = ENERGY (-9) Positbe pole. 


Vortex Math Part 1 and 2 Nikola Tesla 3 6 9 The Key To Universe. (Especially intriguing)


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13/06/2021 16:12
I have many years of positive experience with varying energy therapies, but they are usually part of a comprehensive treatment and not an exclusive treatment.
10/02/2021 9:07
The ability to recover miraculously increases when the patient finds love and support. Love in its various forms is the most powerful "Health Drug" in nature.
23/02/2020 10:38
Lifestyle changes in chronic patients are often the result of accepting the need for change, along with hope for recovery.

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03/05/2021 21:40
Some small examples of the numerical meanings of the sequence 3-6-9. And some other numerological properties of names.
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