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The subconscious mind is part of our self-defense mechanism. It stores unresolved traumatic events that may prevent us from functioning correctly.


Removing unresolved traumatic memories from the subconscious and transferring them to the conscious does not require forgetting those events but releasing them!


The Subconscious - Short introduction. 

The subconscious Mind includes deciphering the supersensible and conveying the messages to the Body and Mind. This article does not emphasize the mystical side of the subconscious, which is intriguing, as detailed below. 

link: Pineal gland (Wikipedia) 

As you delve deeper, you will find that the subconscious has more and more meaning in our daily lives.

  • The subconscious store's unresolved traumas, determine (through the magnetic fields) our sexual identity and sexual orientation, and control and dictate all the supersensible features, intuition, and telepathy. It synchronizes us with the energy of life and helps us with creativity, imagination, and initiative. And this is only a partial list!

The subconscious is part of the self-defense mechanism required for survival.

  • The subconscious mind activates many processes, bypassing logic and critical thinking; it is a mechanism designed for life-force energy conservation, crucial for the survival of any living being.

Where does the subconscious reside?

  • The answer to this question is still unclear; researchers speculate that the subconscious Mind is not necessarily limited to our physical brain; it may be linked in a hive spring to a virtual communication network of the universe. If this hypothesis turns out to be correct, the pineal gland probably has much higher importance than it seems today.

Does the subconscious have other functions besides protecting us from traumatic events?

  • The answer to the question is partly philosophical. The subconscious is the ruler of all supersensible phenomena, apparently deciphering our sexual identity and sexual orientation; it is also responsible for our telepathic ability and intuition. The subconscious Is the "chip" that synchronizes us with our environment and the universe—the question of how the subconscious works is still a mystery.

The subconscious mind is a "virtual safe" for unresolved traumatic events from our past. It has an immense impact on our physical & mental health. Therefore, it cannot be easily penetrated. 

  • Penetration into the subconscious is often not possible through the tools of psychology. Only techniques of hypnosis, meditation, tai chi, kung fu, and the like (commonly used in martial arts) can penetrate the conscious Mind. Even shamanic rituals and psychedelic drugs such as Ayahuasca can penetrate the subconscious. These drugs are often illegal and banned from use.


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20/09/2021 14:40
Hypnosis is one of the few techniques that can penetrate the subconscious and release unresolved traumas. (Immense mental and physical implications)
05/03/2021 17:06
IgA patients are often treated with the misconception that it is an incurable disease! Therefore, Treatments are only symptomatic.
27/10/2020 22:07
Any addiction not only manifests itself in certain addictive chemicals but also, mainly, as a psychoenergetic phenomenon.
27/03/2020 21:19
Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgeries for cancer are sometimes practical in the short to medium term only, as they do not eliminate cancer causes.
28/02/2020 20:21
SLE is characterized by outbreaks but also by remissions. The disease will completely disappear by naturally strengthening the immune system.
01/12/2019 9:03
Autoimmune diseases can be healed only by eliminating the mental and physical causes of the disease. Medications perpetuate the patient's illness.
14/10/2019 9:42
Cancer manifests as the "Energetic Suffocation" of confined cells that isolate themselves from the healthy surrounding tissue in self-defense.
10/03/2020 23:25
Alcoholics are not unreasonable people, nor are they self-destructive. In a state of addiction, the subconscious partially paralyzes reason.
03/10/2019 19:25
Recovery from MS or ALS is achievable using self-healing medicine. Although not similar, both can be treated with the same self-healing methods.
24/09/2019 10:07
Significant overweight people (especially young) are not lazy with weak character; they often suffer from food and eating addiction.
19/09/2019 21:18
The key to recovery and skin rehabilitation from psoriasis is constantly strengthening the immune system, combining body, mind, and spirit.
17/09/2019 20:53
Type 1 diabetes is not an incurable disease. Yet, Initiative and courage are required not to follow the course of conventional medicine.
12/09/2019 13:44
Although Hashimoto's thyroiditis and Graves' disease are seemingly opposite conditions, they can be treated with the same self-healing protocols. (With few alterations.)
08/03/2020 20:47
Natural tools for COPD (Asthma, Emphysema, Bronchitis) patients to reduce inflammation in the pulmonary system, relieving severe symptoms. (Smokers and non-smokers)
22/10/2020 21:32
The subconscious is a survival self-defense mechanism bypassing logic. It is the bridge between the mind and body, making it spiritual.

Posts found:

11/11/2023 5:33
Our subconscious mind stores in our (dormant) memory all the information of our previous lives. We are not aware of these memories to avoid trauma.
11/11/2023 5:01
The subconscious mind records the entire course of our lives, in maximum detail and the background, without us being aware.
11/11/2023 4:34
Deep meditation is a process of energetic synchronization that can connect body and mind and is therefore perceived as a spiritual state.
29/10/2023 2:23
Medicine uses hypnosis only for mental illnesses or disorders and not for diseases of the body, mainly because of a lack of understanding.
16/06/2023 5:12
Dreams visualize virtual encrypted files, including experiences, desires, fantasies, fears, and trauma, by our subconscious while bypassing logic.
16/06/2023 4:57
The subconscious mind is a robust self-defense mechanism that does not activate thinking and is fast and energy-efficient.
16/06/2023 4:42
Access to the subconscious mind is deliberately blocked, so unconventional techniques are required to penetrate and locate the traumas.
09/12/2022 4:05
The subconscious mind is constantly active; it communicates with the senses, environment, and universe. Sometimes a communication interference is created that requires rebooting.
03/11/2022 4:45
Dreams are a process of sorting and cataloging the files of everything we experience, meant to be kept in our virtual library. (cloud backup)
03/11/2022 4:25
Blinking serves as the antenna of the subconscious. Its location is perfect! Just in front of the pineal gland. (Between the eyes)
24/04/2022 6:09
Although everyone understands that the mind has a far-reaching effect on the body, modern medicine does not use this methodology.
24/04/2022 6:02
Affected organs: Testes, kidneys, lower spine, legs, arms, circulatory system. Emotional issues: Survival, existential, financial, food.
22/04/2022 5:16
Cancer manifests as the "Energetic Suffocation" of confined cells isolating themselves from the healthy surrounding tissue.
15/03/2022 9:18
Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and Isaac Newton were geniuses gifted at retrieving information from the Akashic records.
15/03/2022 4:50
Its location, direct blood supply, and the fact that it is unaffected by the brain's barriers have made it the "supreme synchrony" gland. Many mystics, philosophers, and scholars see it as the connection to other worlds and the gland that produces intuition and telepathy.
14/03/2022 8:18
Intuition is a survival tool that bypasses logic, activated by the subconscious to preserve energy. Intuition is constantly active at various levels.
14/07/2021 1:24
Affected organs: Bladder, prostate, ovaries, kidneys, gallbladder, bowel, and spleen. Emotional issues: Well-being, pleasure, sexuality.
14/07/2021 1:01
Affected organs: Intestines, pancreas, liver, bladder, stomach, upper spine, skin. Emotional issues: Self-confidence, self-esteem.
06/07/2021 23:55
Affected organs: Heart, coronary arteries, lungs, breasts, Thymus gland. Emotional issues: Love, happiness, inner peace.
23/06/2021 22:38
Affected organs: Bronchial tubes, vocal cords, mouth. Thyroid gland. Emotional issues: Self-expression, communication, truth.
23/06/2021 22:04
Affected organs: Eyes, pituitary, pineal gland, sinuses, brain. Emotional issues: Intuition, imagination, clear thinking.
06/06/2021 19:15
A brain disorder is a "malfunction" of natural mechanisms. There can be no fault in our body on such a scale! Therefore the cause of addictions is not a "brain disorder."
05/06/2021 17:17
Medicine makes little use of hypnosis for various health conditions, mainly due to a lack of understanding of the profound meaning of the subconscious on our mental and physical health.
03/05/2021 20:59
Psychotherapy is valuable, but only for traumas or events not suppressed into the subconscious. The subconscious serves as a digital safe.
28/03/2021 21:12
Affected organs: Spinal cord, brain stem, nervous system. Emotional issues: Spirituality, mental transcendence, connection to the divine.
17/02/2021 12:34
The answer is definitely yes, but it is necessary to decipher the biomathematics of thinking, emotions, senses, and feelings.
26/01/2021 0:55
Chronically ill patients often wonder why it happened to them. This blog will try to assist with appropriate methodology and therapy.
26/01/2021 0:54
The subconscious is part of the mind's self-defense mechanism. One of its many functions is to store unresolved traumatic events.
22/01/2021 20:36
Any addiction not only manifests itself in certain addictive chemicals but also, and mainly as a psychoenergetic phenomenon.
11/01/2021 18:48
In the modern age, where self-thinking and constant criticism are sanctified, it isn't easy to make people believe unquestioningly!
10/01/2021 10:23
Removing unresolved traumatic memories from the subconscious and transferring them to the conscious has immense health benefits.
26/11/2020 14:16
Neutralizing energy blockages is critical to recovery from severe chronic illnesses. Penetration into the subconscious mind is challenging.
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