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08/12/2023 4:39
The question sounds fanciful but will become a reality within a few decades. Extraterrestrial doctors will probably treat today's children.
08/12/2023 2:52
An increase in body temperature is a defense mechanism of our body. Except for the immunocompromised, there is no danger of fever.
08/12/2023 2:35
The standard explanation that night urination is related to excessive drinking before bed and even to the rate of drinking is too simplistic.
05/12/2023 2:06
We are in the first out of four stages of the encounter with extraterrestrials. At this stage, the public is given information intended to reassure.
04/12/2023 2:01
The civil aviation industry will have to be transformed into the 21st century. Massive changes in technologies and infrastructure are a must.
04/12/2023 1:15
Medicine does not fully understand the causes of lipoma and mistakenly attributes obesity and heredity as the leading causes.
03/12/2023 1:40
According to the general theory of relativity, motion speeds above the speed of light are seemingly impossible. So, is there a contradiction here?
02/12/2023 5:45
Aliens also have notions of time. The paradoxical part is the synchronization between the two time scales of extraterrestrials and humans.
17/11/2023 23:51
Humanity's accession to the alien Federation (55 advanced civilizations) should reflect mutual respect, decency, and independence of humans.
17/11/2023 23:25
The small Earth's delegation will be invited to visit the Sagittarius constellation, the place of the Extraterrestrial Federation Council meeting.
17/11/2023 23:07
Aliens have been visiting Earth since the dawn of creation, but we saw them as idols; today, it may be hard to accept that we are inferior.
17/11/2023 3:09
The first encounter with aliens will be well-planned and coordinated with the extraterrestrials in two phases and four stages.
17/11/2023 2:53
Extraterrestrial technologies, efficient, inexpensive energy production, communications, and computing could completely change the geopolitical map.
17/11/2023 2:22
Aliens have no human feelings but possess solid moral values and justice. Otherwise, it would be terrifying to meet them!
17/11/2023 2:03
There are 55 civilizations in the Federation of Aliens, but hundreds to thousands of civilizations are in the infinite expanses of the multiverse.
16/11/2023 3:30
My life was saved thanks to the intervention of extraterrestrial doctors. The knowledge and technology that aliens apply are incomparable.
16/11/2023 3:15
The Federation of Extraterrestrial Civilizations is a powerful executive body that brings together 55 advanced extraterrestrial civilizations.
16/11/2023 2:45
There are many theories about the moon landing, but the information provided to the public certainly obscured the unequivocal findings.
16/11/2023 2:08
I am on an open channel with extraterrestrials and receive essential information from them. Usually, I verify critical information afterward.
15/11/2023 2:32
Most extraterrestrial civilizations are human-friendly and here to help us in many ways. There are also a few hostile civilizations.
15/11/2023 1:33
Why we live very short, as opposed to extraterrestrials that reach thousands of years, is an intriguing question with several explanations.
15/11/2023 1:13
The information from extraterrestrials will revolutionize all aspects of life but will not solve all the secrets of the essence of life.
15/11/2023 0:49
Romantic relationships between humans and extraterrestrials are unusual but possible. The relationship is not based on sexual attraction.
14/11/2023 3:28
Aliens are aware of the risk of a military response by separatists who will feel threatened by an encounter with them and, therefore, prevent it.
14/11/2023 3:10
There are thousands of extraterrestrial civilizations. Some are very distant from humans. Even those close in appearance differ in genetics and anatomy.
14/11/2023 2:56
I was informed that the Federation Council attaches great importance to the identity of Earth's ambassador and sees me as a suitable candidate.
14/11/2023 2:16
In movies, the people of Earth beat the extraterrestrials! But don't be fooled; aliens are more technologically advanced than us on a whole scale.
14/11/2023 1:16
The potential of humanity in encounters with extraterrestrials is indescribable. At the same time, it is fraught with risks, which must be managed.
14/11/2023 0:55
The historical encounter with extraterrestrials has social and religious implications, so the encounter will not be a surprise.
11/11/2023 5:33
Our subconscious mind stores in our (dormant) memory all the information of our previous lives. We are not aware of these memories to avoid trauma.
11/11/2023 5:01
The subconscious mind records the entire course of our lives, in maximum detail and the background, without us being aware.
11/11/2023 4:34
Deep meditation is a process of energetic synchronization that can connect body and mind and is therefore perceived as a spiritual state.
10/11/2023 7:24
There is a massive surplus of information in medicine; Therefore, the information is neither focused nor objective for the benefit of patients.
10/11/2023 5:27
Per capita consumption of prescription drugs is rising steadily in all OECD countries. The paradox is that chronic morbidity is only increasing.
10/11/2023 4:24
The claim that medical lobbying does not affect doctors' judgment is false! If that were the case, why are pharmaceutical companies investing in it?
09/11/2023 3:17
The scaling methodology for the level of technological development of civilizations, known as the Kardashev scale from 1964, needs updating.
09/11/2023 1:55
The fear of extraterrestrials is rational, not because of their appearance, but because their intentions are still unknown to the public.
09/11/2023 1:30
Extraterrestrials are aware of and monitor nuclear weapons to prevent the possible destruction of Earth by its inhabitants.
29/10/2023 3:41
Gallbladder removal surgery is often unnecessary but very common, especially in women, and is designed to prevent pain. But it has a price!
29/10/2023 2:23
Medicine uses hypnosis only for mental illnesses or disorders and not for diseases of the body, mainly because of a lack of understanding.
29/10/2023 2:07
Preventive medicine must begin before the patient has already been assigned to a risk group. Therefore, it must begin in infancy and last a lifetime.
28/10/2023 6:03
There is opposition to the use of the term superfood. At the same time, some foods are very rich in nutrients.
28/10/2023 5:47
Eating habits, the composition of foods, their origin, chewing, meal time, size, and how we load the plate have great significance.
28/10/2023 5:26
There is a misunderstanding about starches; they are a nutritious and satisfying food that does not cause obesity. Starches have been consumed throughout history.
27/10/2023 10:03
Quantum entanglement does not contradict the laws of physics! The speed limit is much faster in higher dimensions than in our 3D world.
27/10/2023 5:56
There is no solid explanation for the origin of viruses. Natural selection does not apply to viruses! Theories exist, but none are rational!
27/10/2023 3:23
I regularly had similar marks, mostly on my arms and legs, without feeling anything. I must emphasize that aliens did not abduct me.
02/08/2023 3:38
Chronic diseases such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, and addictions cannot be cured without control over the mental-energetic dimension.
01/08/2023 11:30
Attempts to find the miracle cure for chronic diseases have been going on for many years without much success. The panacea idea is non-holistic.
30/07/2023 4:55
The acid-base balance in the digestive tract has a far-reaching effect on the immune system. Pathogenes thrive in an acidic environment.
08/07/2023 2:53
It is impossible to travel faster than the speed of light, but the limitation exists only in the 3D we live in and not in other dimensions.
03/07/2023 3:25
Nuts are fatty, high-calorie foods, but they carry essential oils and fats for our bodies, dietary fiber, vitamins, and essential minerals.
03/07/2023 3:09
The nutritional values in food and beverages are theoretical, assuming full absorption, which usually does not exist in the modern diet.
02/07/2023 4:33
Contrary to popular belief, light bread is unhealthy and does not contribute to weight loss! They're low in calories, but they're also not satisfying.
02/07/2023 4:10
There are dozens of types of bread made from different flours, different leavening methods, in different colors and textures.
02/07/2023 2:29
Good quality egg yolk is bright orange and not pale yellow. Pale yellow egg yolk manifests processed foods unnatural to chickens.
02/07/2023 2:13
The destructive impact of industrialized and processed food manifests in almost every possible aspect. It also makes us gain weight faster!
01/07/2023 5:04
Time is not an independent dimension but part of the fabric of spacetime. The fact that time may be spiral-cyclic does not contradict any physical law.
01/07/2023 4:28
The movement at the speed of light is very slow to conquer space. There is a need for technologies based on physics that are unknown to humanity.
01/07/2023 3:06
Radio waves, or any other known type of electromagnetic radiation, traveling at the speed of light are too slow for extraterrestrials.
16/06/2023 5:12
Dreams are sorting and cataloging virtual files, including experiences, desires, fantasies, fears, and trauma, by our subconscious while bypassing logic.
16/06/2023 4:57
The subconscious mind is a robust self-defense mechanism that does not activate thinking and is fast and energy-efficient.
16/06/2023 4:42
Access to the subconscious mind is deliberately blocked, so unconventional techniques are required to penetrate and locate the traumas.
15/06/2023 5:17
The fat percentage in Wagyu meat is not the most critical parameter to define health quality. Diet and living conditions are a dominant factor.
15/06/2023 4:57
Fatty foods are not necessarily inferior to lean foods. The natural diet and living conditions are more critical to determining the health quality.
15/06/2023 4:33
The answer is YES, but it largely depends on habitat, care, and nutrition it receives. Seafood is in the same health category as fish.
14/06/2023 1:43
The multiverse can be illustrated as an endless bubbling soup of Fibonacci egg-like bubbles. (Each representing a universe)
14/06/2023 1:31
Chronic constipation is prevalent, usually due to an industrialized and processed diet combined with stress and anxiety.
14/05/2023 5:24
Extraterrestrials make it clear via channeling that humanity faces the danger of self-destruction, so their intervention is inevitable.
12/05/2023 5:59
The perception that the human body is a dual, physical, and energetic entity is critical. Conventional medicine is non-holistic!
12/05/2023 5:35
At a glance from a doctor, blood tests cannot be analyzed thoroughly and reliably. Therefore, a dedicated artificial intelligence system is required.
12/05/2023 5:14
Stem cells are embryonic cells that can differentiate into any cell in our body and theoretically repair most tissue damage.
11/05/2023 5:35
Some plant foods undergo genetic changes that may harm their nutritional value; therefore, they should be avoided.
11/05/2023 5:23
The upcoming event of a powerful earthquake combined with a volcanic eruption sharpened the issue of whether the event must happen.
26/04/2023 5:17
Recovery occurs only when all the disease causes (mental & physical) are resolved and eliminated. Symptomatic treatments cannot cure chronic diseases.
26/04/2023 3:46
Cancer manifests as the "Energetic Suffocation" of cells that isolate themselves from the healthy surrounding tissue in self-defense.
26/04/2023 3:36
Medicine has outstanding achievements, especially in the technological sphere. In the context of chronic diseases, failure resonates.
26/04/2023 3:02
Food that is difficult to digest causes us to gain fat more quickly than the same calories of easily digestible foods!
26/04/2023 2:46
The answer depends on the quality of the oil we use, and its smoking temperature, not just the amount of oil absorbed into the food.
26/04/2023 2:32
Chinese cooking is based on short frying. Chinese cuisine is relatively healthy when using natural ingredients and non-industrialized oils with a high smoking point.
25/04/2023 7:43
It is recommended to invest in erogenous food, even though it is much more expensive, as chemical pesticides are not used in its cultivation.
25/04/2023 7:34
The message is unimaginable! But everything we know is based on the erroneous assumptions of Darwin's theory of evolution.
25/04/2023 6:16
Humans are not descendants of apes but the product of genetic experimentation of extraterrestrial races morphologically reminiscent of humans.
05/04/2023 9:15
Diets low in calories are challenging to implement. Diets that are not varied (missing primary macronutrients) are unsuitable for long-term weight loss.
03/04/2023 5:31
Without a mathematical simulation of imagination, creativity, emotions, thoughts, and intuition, reaching advanced AI is impossible.
22/02/2023 14:50
Looking at viral mutations as a completely random process is incorrect. Viruses have a built-in entropy (disorder) mechanism.
21/01/2023 15:01
I present a simple methodological simulation of the first apes that underwent the mutation that reduced their chromosome number to 46 as humans have. 
17/01/2023 16:03
Logically, one would expect the opposite findings since animals have no morals, values, or laws that restrict them from incest.
10/01/2023 8:46
Few theories try to explain the formation of life on Earth (Abiogenesis). The problem is that you will get impossible coincidences!
10/01/2023 8:21
Science attributes only analogical activity to our senses. However, digital communication has a distinct advantage in long-distance communication.
10/01/2023 8:03
The human body is built for extraordinary endurance, even in extreme cases. The human body does not have a mechanism of self-destruction!
09/01/2023 16:01
The problem with cow's milk is not the fat percentage nor the milk sugar, but mainly the excessive amount of protein, making it highly inflammatory.
09/01/2023 15:44
The answer depends mainly on the animal's diet and growing conditions. The best Japanese cow meat in the world, wagyu, is considered delicious and healthy and melts in the mouth, even though it is very fatty!
09/01/2023 15:23
Sauces are an excellent emulsifier, and besides improving the taste, they also improve digestion and absorption of food.
09/01/2023 14:40
Second-order evolution, with a change in the number of chromosomes, is theoretically possible but practically improbable.
09/01/2023 14:26
Just as there is uniformity in the DNA building block in our world, so too in the entire universe. DNA is a technological marvel, no less!
09/01/2023 14:09
There are many species of extraterrestrials, all of which have different anatomy and physiology from humans, but pathogens can be dangerous for them.
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