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21/01/2023 15:01
I present a simple methodological simulation of the first apes that underwent the mutation that reduced their chromosome number to 46 as humans have. 
17/01/2023 16:03
Animals do not perform incest - not because of a moral imperative, but because they feel subconsciously (intuition) that they are harming themselves and the survival of their offspring.
10/01/2023 8:46
Some convincing scientific theories try to explain the formation of life on Earth (Abiogenesis). The problem is that if you add up all the variables, you will get impossible coincidences!
10/01/2023 8:21
Science attributes only analogical activity to the senses and the brain. But this assumption ignores the need for supersensory communication, where digital communication has a distinct advantage.
10/01/2023 8:03
The human body is built for extraordinary endurance, even in extreme cases. The human body does not have a mechanism of self-destruction!
09/01/2023 16:01
The problem with cow's milk is not the fat percentage nor the milk sugar, but mainly the excessive amount of protein.
09/01/2023 15:44
The answer depends mainly on the animal's diet and growing conditions. The best Japanese cow meat in the world, wagyu, is considered delicious and healthy and melts in the mouth, even though it is very fatty!
09/01/2023 15:23
Sauces are an excellent emulsifier, and besides improving the taste, they also improve digestion and absorption of food.
09/01/2023 14:40
It may seem like a small matter, but love is measured in difficult situations when it's terrible and painful, not when it's good, and you succeed. I am forever grateful to Alixin.
09/01/2023 14:26
Alixin's family was initially reluctant about our relationship but learned that we have a deep connection and love. When I recovered and looked healthy, there were no more real objections, especially since Alshin was already a grown woman.
09/01/2023 14:09
Alixin dresses nicely, and we go out for a routine outing, meet with friends, and especially feel a romantic atmosphere.
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