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A balanced diet provides the body with all the nutrients required to maintain a healthy body, supporting regeneration and rejuvenation, including brain neurogenesis.

Balanced diet.

The balanced-varied diet is the healthiest diet suitable for most people, including chronic patients with slight changes. Many patients with chronic diseases believe they eat and drink relatively healthy food. It is clear in-depth that this is not the case! Recipes for healthy, tasty, and quality food abound. The main difficulty is changing dietary patterns and deciding that the whole family consumes mainly natural, varied, and healthy food—link: Organic Recipes. It isn't easy for most people to assemble a healthy menu without professional assistance. 


"The balanced, varied diet" - can optimize the body's weight and health in the long run. 

  • Much unprocessed natural food (preferably organic and not genetically modified) with all macronutrients and ingredients. Reduced quantities of animal protein, preferably grass-fed or organic range-free products. Many dietary fibers are mixed with natural oils & fats that enable an effective emulsification process. Fermented products with natural live bacteria are essential for good health.
    • Vegetables, fruits, seeds, sprouts, roots, legumes, mushrooms, beans, berries, and nuts should be very high-volume diet components.


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27/02/2019 18:02
The balanced-varied diet provides the body with all the nutrients required to maintain a healthy body and mind, supporting tissue regeneration.
01/12/2019 9:03
Processed foods are making us gain weight much faster than the same equal calories of natural foods. To lose weight, one must eat natural food!

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28/10/2023 6:03
There is opposition to the use of the concept of superfoods. At the same time, there are kinds of foods that are very rich in nutrients.
28/10/2023 5:47
Eating habits, the composition of foods, their origin, chewing, meal time, size, and how we load the plate have great significance.
28/10/2023 5:26
There is a misunderstanding about starches; they are a nutritious and satisfying food that does not cause obesity. Starches have been consumed throughout history.
30/07/2023 4:55
The acid-base balance in the digestive tract has a far-reaching effect on the immune system. Pathogenes thrive in an acidic environment.
03/07/2023 3:25
Nuts are fatty, high-calorie foods, but they carry essential oils and fats for our bodies, dietary fiber, vitamins, and essential minerals.
03/07/2023 3:09
The nutritional values in food and beverages are theoretical, assuming full absorption, which usually does not exist in the modern diet.
02/07/2023 4:10
There are dozens of types of bread made from different flours, different leavening methods, in different colors and textures.
02/07/2023 2:29
Good quality egg yolk is bright orange and not pale yellow. Pale yellow egg yolk manifests processed foods unnatural to chickens.
02/07/2023 2:13
The destructive impact of industrialized and processed food manifests in almost every possible aspect. It also makes us gain weight faster!
15/06/2023 5:17
The fat percentage in Wagyu meat is not the most critical parameter to define health quality. Diet and living conditions are a dominant factor.
15/06/2023 4:57
Fatty foods are not necessarily inferior to lean foods. The natural diet and living conditions are more critical to determining the health quality.
15/06/2023 4:33
The answer is YES, but it largely depends on habitat, care, and nutrition it receives. Seafood is in the same health category as fish.
26/04/2023 2:46
The answer depends on the quality of the oil we use, and its smoking temperature, not just the amount of oil absorbed into the food.
05/04/2023 9:15
Diets low in calories are challenging to implement. Diets that are not varied (missing primary macronutrients) are unsuitable for long-term weight loss.
09/01/2023 16:01
The problem with cow's milk is not the fat percentage nor the milk sugar, but mainly the excessive amount of protein, making it highly inflammatory.
09/01/2023 15:44
The answer depends mainly on the animal's diet and growing conditions. The best Japanese cow meat in the world, wagyu, is considered delicious and healthy and melts in the mouth, even though it is very fatty!
09/01/2023 15:23
Sauces are an excellent emulsifier, and besides improving the taste, they also improve digestion and absorption of food.
19/03/2022 3:26
The purpose of the food pyramid is to make recommendations for proper nutrition. However, it does not provide a complete picture.
18/03/2022 2:52
The balanced-varied diet provides the body with all the nutrients required to maintain a healthy body and mind, supporting tissue regeneration.
23/06/2021 21:25
A brief examination of the three primary variables of any diet. Methodology of sorting all diet categories by only three dimensions.
03/06/2021 21:49
There are hundreds of different diets, each somewhat different from one another. That can be confusing; at least it was for me.
01/01/2021 19:14
To gain the optimal weight for your body structure, one probably needs to achieve good health besides slimming.
09/09/2020 20:22
There is a lot of ambiguity about what the recommended diet is, so most people mistakenly believe that their diet is satisfactory, even though it is not.
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