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The balanced diet provides the body with all the nutrients required for maintaining a healthy body, supporting the regeneration & rejuvenation process, including the brain neurogenesis.

"The balanced, varied diet" is the healthiest diet suitable for most people with slight changes. A significant proportion of patients with chronic diseases believe that they eat and consume relatively healthy food and drink. It is clear in-depth that this is not the case! Recipes for healthy, tasty, and quality food abound. The main difficulty is to change the dietary patterns and decide that the whole family consumes mainly natural varied, and healthy food—link: Organic Recipes. For most people, it isn't easy to put together a healthy menu without professional assistance. 


"The balanced, varied diet" - can optimize the body's weight and health in the long run. 

  • Much unprocessed natural food (preferably organic and not genetically modified) with all macronutrients and ingredients. Reduced quantities of animal protein, preferably grass-fed or organic range-free products. Many dietary fibers are mixed with natural oils & fats that enable an effective emulsification process. Fermented products with natural live bacteria are essential for good health.
    • Vegetables, fruits, seeds, sprouts, roots, legumes, mushrooms, beans, berries, and nuts should be very high-volume diet components.

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27/02/2019 18:02
"The balanced, varied diet" provides the body with all the nutrients required to maintain a healthy body and mind, supporting regeneration and rejuvenation.

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18/03/2022 2:52
"The balanced, varied diet" is the best diet for maintaining good health and optimal weight.
23/06/2021 21:25
A brief examination of the three main variables of any diet.
31/05/2021 12:38
An anti-inflammatory diet, a healthy lifestyle, and maintaining a hormonal balance is more effective than any other antibiotic or drug treatment.
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