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Liver Cysts are often small and appear wrapped in a dark membrane. The tiny blood vessels of the cyst can often be seen.

Liver Cysts and Rotten liver tissue.

During the CT and MRI examinations, dozens of cysts were observed in my liver. In my estimation, I managed to neutralize most of them. For about ten years, vast amounts of tissue wrapped in membranes resembling cysts emerged. I believe an up-to-date MRI scan will confirm that I was indeed able to remove most of the cysts from my liver.

Frequently asked questions and answers:
Where and when were the photos in this gallery taken?
The photos were taken in China and Israel over several years, mainly in the toilets and bathrooms and often in artificial lighting.
Why does the liver produce cysts?
Cysts, anywhere in the body, are evidence of prolonged inflammatory processes. The cysts are designed to isolate the damaged parts from the healthy tissue. The purpose of cysts is self-defense!
Is there a way to remove the cysts from the liver using drugs or surgical means?
Surgical penetration of the liver is a complex and dangerous operation that may cause bleeding and infections. (The liver is not a sterile organ.)
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