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18/09/2022 5:20
Bach flowers are a form of homeopathic treatment designed primarily for relaxation. The treatment, in my opinion, is based on the placebo effect.
18/09/2022 5:07
I don't see homeopathy as a self-healing method because it has no actual mechanism of action. The placebo effect is genuine, but it's not for everyone.
18/09/2022 4:46
This traditional Chinese recipe is very suitable for all types of flu and, in fact, for many inflammatory mild diseases. (Caution is needed)
17/09/2022 5:33
Frequency music may benefit, but the patient must meditate for the frequencies to penetrate the subconscious. Otherwise, it is not effective!
17/09/2022 5:22
Bentonite clay is created from volcanic ash and is rich in essential minerals. It is suitable for internal and external use and is ideal for detoxification.
17/09/2022 4:54
The holistic principle negates the possibility of treating a single organ without restoring the entire immune system. Contrary to modern medicine.
15/09/2022 5:40
Since no drug or combination of drugs can eliminate the causes of chronic diseases, but only their symptoms, the answer is that there is no such drug.
15/09/2022 5:15
All body organs, including the brain, have an incredible natural regenerative capacity! Provided we don't interrupt the process.
15/09/2022 5:04
The name alternative medicine implies inferiority compared to conventional medicine. For right-handed, your left hand is not your alternative hand!
14/09/2022 5:37
There are thousands of geniuses in IQ, but only a few are considered great geniuses—the ability to retrieve ideas from nature's library of knowledge.
14/09/2022 4:52
Explaining sexual identities and orientations by heredity, environment, and epigenetics failed! Because these are energetic-magnetic properties.
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