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09/12/2022 4:05
The subconscious mind is constantly active; it communicates with the senses, environment, and universe. Sometimes a communication interference is created that requires rebooting.
03/11/2022 4:45
Dreams are a process of sorting and cataloging the files of everything we experience, meant to be kept in our virtual library. (cloud backup)
03/11/2022 4:25
Blinking serves as the antenna of the subconscious. Its location is perfect! Just in front of the pineal gland. (Between the eyes)
03/11/2022 3:58
The accepted (but incorrect) explanation for yawns, which also exist in fetuses and mammals, is that yawning is intended to cool the brain.
24/10/2022 5:49
The disregard of modern medicine for the energetic-mental side of the human body does not allow recovery from many chronic diseases.
24/10/2022 5:33
Unlike conventional medicine, Self-healing functional medicine eliminates the causes of the disease rather than its symptoms.
24/10/2022 5:21
The human body has two primary filters: the liver and kidneys and a long sewage system (digestive system) that occasionally needs mechanical cleansing.
17/10/2022 6:11
I propose to see curiosity as an energetic phenomenon embedded in every living being at different levels. Entropy requires the existence of curiosity!
17/10/2022 5:25
The Council of the Extraterrestrial Federation demanded that intellectual property originating from extraterrestrials belong to all humanity.
05/10/2022 5:33
Three factors determine the objective severity of pain. Measuring objective pain is a methodological question that occupies many patients,
05/10/2022 5:27
"Physical pain - is a short or continuous alarm sensation caused by temporary or permanent cell damage (above a certain threshold) in tissue with sensory nerves (nociceptors)."
05/10/2022 5:21
Advanced technological applications of the gate control theory regarding pain may allow us to control the pain switches in our brains.
18/09/2022 5:20
Bach flowers are a form of homeopathic treatment designed primarily for relaxation. The treatment, in my opinion, is based on the placebo effect.
18/09/2022 5:07
I don't see homeopathy as a self-healing method because it has no actual mechanism of action. The placebo effect is genuine, but it's not for everyone.
18/09/2022 4:46
This traditional Chinese recipe is very suitable for all types of flu and, in fact, for many inflammatory mild diseases. (Caution is needed)
17/09/2022 5:33
Frequency music may benefit, but the patient must meditate for the frequencies to penetrate the subconscious. Otherwise, it is not effective!
17/09/2022 5:22
Bentonite clay is created from volcanic ash and is rich in essential minerals. It is suitable for internal and external use and is ideal for detoxification.
17/09/2022 4:54
The holistic principle negates the possibility of treating a single organ without restoring the entire immune system. Contrary to modern medicine.
15/09/2022 5:40
Since no drug or combination of drugs can eliminate the causes of chronic diseases, but only their symptoms, the answer is that there is no such drug.
15/09/2022 5:15
All body organs, including the brain, have an incredible natural regenerative capacity! Provided we don't interrupt the process.
15/09/2022 5:04
The name alternative medicine implies inferiority compared to conventional medicine. For right-handed, your left hand is not your alternative hand!
14/09/2022 5:37
There are thousands of geniuses in IQ, but only a few are considered great geniuses—the ability to retrieve ideas from nature's library of knowledge.
14/09/2022 4:52
Explaining sexual identities and orientations by heredity, environment, and epigenetics failed! Because these are energetic-magnetic properties.
30/08/2022 10:37
The Big Bang theory fits perfectly with the laws of modern physics only when multiverses are assumed.
30/08/2022 6:00
Perceiving emotions and behavior as disturbances in energetic flow may change the way psychiatry treats mental illness and disorders.
30/08/2022 5:48
Whoever looks at the definition of inflammation will find that the answer to the question is implied from the definition.
02/06/2022 5:02
Controlled exposure to cold water showers or ice bathtubs can reset the immune system as a survival mechanism. Not recommended for chronic patients.
02/06/2022 4:41
Prostate calcifications and BPH are common phenomena that stem from prostate infections (sometimes asymptomatic) with unpleasant side effects.
19/05/2022 9:23
This image is convincing proof of the phenomenal ability of the human body to recover from any tumor, polyp, or cyst.
19/05/2022 8:43
The main idea of traditional Chinese and Indian traditional medicine is balancing the body's life-force energy. An ingenious concept even today.
19/05/2022 5:41
MMS enemas are usually meant for patients with chronic liver or kidney disease. MMS is a bleach-like substance; therefore, caution is mandatory!
19/05/2022 5:32
You can carry out all types of enemas in your home with maximum privacy and hygiene. Enemas should be carried out near the toilet.
19/05/2022 5:08
Lemon juice enemas can help the rehabilitation of liver functions. It can neutralize the ammonia produced in cases of weak liver functions.
19/05/2022 4:57
Green-colored stones are most often sourced in the liver. Brown-colored stones usually come from a gallbladder that has undergone an inflammatory process.
24/04/2022 6:09
Although everyone understands that the mind has a far-reaching effect on the body, modern medicine does not use this methodology.
24/04/2022 6:02
Affected organs: Testes, kidneys, lower spine, legs, arms, circulatory system. Emotional issues: Survival, existential, financial, food.
22/04/2022 5:24
These images illustrate how resilient the human body is! You can always recover from any acquired chronic illness, even one that seems impossible.
22/04/2022 5:16
Cancer manifests as the "Energetic Suffocation" of confined cells isolating themselves from the healthy surrounding tissue.
22/04/2022 5:07
Detoxification processes are often required to strengthen the immune system. However, it has side effects due to improving the immune response,
22/04/2022 4:29
The human body is too complex to prolong life only through drugs. Reverse aging requires mimicking a healthy lifestyle (mental & physical),
22/04/2022 4:05
The modern world is very intense, with an infinity of non-essential stimuli. Self-fulfillment requires leisure - which is a rare commodity in the contemporary world.
22/04/2022 3:49
The body's primary defense mechanism is the immune system; a weak immune system exposes the body to chronic disease and cancer—the main difficulty in applying the principles of healthy living in a modern world without free time.
19/03/2022 3:46
Fatty foods are often identified with obesity (out of misunderstanding), and we tend to avoid them, even though natural fatty foods are essential to our health.
19/03/2022 3:26
The purpose of the food pyramid is to make recommendations for proper nutrition. However, it does not provide a complete picture.
18/03/2022 2:52
The balanced-varied diet provides the body with all the nutrients required to maintain a healthy body and mind, supporting tissue regeneration.
18/03/2022 2:43
Surprisingly! - Processed foods are making us gain weight much faster than the same equal calories of natural foods. Not all calories are equal!
18/03/2022 2:31
The glycemic index and insulin index do not reflect interactions between foods. We usually eat varied food simultaneously and disregard food sources.
15/03/2022 9:18
Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and Isaac Newton were geniuses gifted at retrieving information from the Akashic records.
15/03/2022 4:50
Its location, direct blood supply, and the fact that it is unaffected by the brain's barriers have made it the "supreme synchrony" gland. Many mystics, philosophers, and scholars see it as the connection to other worlds and the gland that produces intuition and telepathy.
14/03/2022 8:18
Intuition is a survival tool that bypasses logic, activated by the subconscious to preserve energy. Intuition is constantly active at various levels.
12/03/2022 17:18
Questions about life's essence and purpose have preoccupied scholars and philosophers since immemorial. The problem is that this question does not and will never have an unequivocal answer.
12/03/2022 17:07
Sex has enormous significance in inner happiness, social life, raising the children, and the energetic charge accompanying them.
12/03/2022 16:55
The perception of emotions, personality, instincts, and intuition as an energy flow may significantly change the behavioral sciences perspective.
14/01/2022 4:21
Tumors make it possible to isolate the working parts of an organ from the damaged parts. Therefore it is a tool for self-defense.
13/01/2022 4:06
Such attempts have been made; the conclusion was that the body loses about 23 grams of weight at the time of death. (Tremendous amount of energy.)
13/01/2022 3:20
Many philosophers and scientists debate the essence of life and free will. However, it will not be possible to prove any of the theses.
12/01/2022 7:28
A combination of existing technologies may, at relatively low costs, prevent accidents caused by drunk driving and the influence of drugs.
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