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02/06/2022 5:02
Benign prostatic enlargement (BPH) is widespread, especially among men after age 45. BPH side effects often impair life quality in a meaningful way; searching for solutions is understandable and natural.
02/06/2022 4:48
The cause of A hydrocele testis is usually chronic inflammation of the testicles & the groin area. (Epiiddimitis & Orchitis)
02/06/2022 4:41
Prostate calcifications are a common phenomenon that stems from prostate infections (sometimes asymptomatic) with unpleasant side effects.
19/05/2022 9:23
This image is convincing proof of the phenomenal ability of the human body to recover from any tumor, polyp, or cyst.
19/05/2022 8:43
The main idea of traditional Chinese and Indian traditional medicine is balancing the body's life-force energy. An ingenious concept even today.
19/05/2022 5:41
MMS enemas are usually meant for patients with chronic liver disease, or chronic kidney disease.
19/05/2022 5:32
You can carry out all types of enemas in your home with maximum privacy and hygiene.
19/05/2022 5:08
Lemon juice enemas can help the rehabilitation of liver functions. It can neutralize the ammonia produced in cases of weak liver functions.
19/05/2022 4:57
Green-colored stones are most often sourced in the liver. Brown-colored stones usually come from a gallbladder that has undergone an inflammatory process.
24/04/2022 6:09
The spectacle of practicing Tai chi and Kung fu with swords was fascinating, time and time again.
24/04/2022 6:02
The master saw (without asking questions) that I was ill with a severe health condition.
22/04/2022 6:03
It did not occur to me then that I was dying and about to spend 15 years in endless treatments aimed at survival.
22/04/2022 5:24
In the absence of methodology, the choice of appropriate self-healing therapy is often based on the familiarity and recommendations of friends and family or the attending practitioner. Considerations of convenience and financial concerns, and not necessarily from a deep understanding of body and mind's needs.
22/04/2022 5:16
The first question every cancer patient should ask themselves is whether cancer is a symptom or the cause! When choosing the desirable treatment - consider whether it strengthens you energetically? Treatments designed to destroy the tumor usually, paradoxically, damage you energetically.
22/04/2022 5:07
Detoxification processes are often required to strengthen the immune system.
22/04/2022 4:29
The human body is too complex to prolong life only through drug treatment. Reverse aging requires technologies that mimic a particularly healthy lifestyle (mental & physical), some of which do not exist) based on energetic infusion.
22/04/2022 4:05
The modern world is very intense, with an infinity of non-essential stimuli. Self-fulfillment requires leisure - which is a rare commodity in the contemporary world.
22/04/2022 3:49
The body's primary defense mechanism is the immune system; a weak immune system exposes the body to chronic disease and cancer—the main difficulty in applying the principles of healthy living in a modern world without free time.
19/03/2022 3:54
Modern life has made eating in restaurants a routine and part of social interaction.
19/03/2022 3:46
Fatty foods are often identified with obesity (out of misunderstanding), and we tend to avoid them, even though natural fatty foods are essential to our health.
19/03/2022 3:26
The purpose of the food pyramid is to make recommendations for proper nutrition. However, it does not provide a complete picture.
18/03/2022 2:52
"The balanced, varied diet" is the best diet for maintaining good health and optimal weight.
18/03/2022 2:31
glycemic index and insulin index do not reflect interactions between foods. (We usually eat varied food simultaneously) and disregard food sources. (Natural vs. processed)
15/03/2022 9:18
Apparently, The great geniuses Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Elon Musk were gifted to retrieve information from the Akashic records.
15/03/2022 4:50
Its location, direct blood supply, and the fact that it is unaffected by the brain's barriers have made the gland the "supreme synchrony" gland. Many mystics, philosophers, and scholars see it as the connection to other worlds and the gland that produces intuition and telepathy.
14/03/2022 8:18
It is worth distinguishing between intelligent guessing (based on previous experience) and pure intuition, which is not based on previous experience and not on logic!
12/03/2022 17:18
For the first time in the COVID-19 epidemic in extensive samples worldwide, the phenomenon of a decrease in life energy (qi) in Chinese culture could be measured. Death is, by definition, 0 life energy.
12/03/2022 17:07
Sex has enormous significance in inner happiness, social life, raising the children, and the energetic charge accompanying them.
12/03/2022 16:55
Emotions, personality, behavior, and intuition are part of the same energetic cycle, characterized and not by chance in 4 phases, which are affected by heredity and the environment.
14/01/2022 4:21
Tumors make it possible to isolate the working parts of an organ from the damaged parts. Therefore it is a tool for self-defense.
13/01/2022 4:06
Such attempts have been made in the past; the conclusion was that the body loses about 23 grams of weight at the time of death. (This is a tremendous amount of energy.) The scientific community did not accept the findings for various reasons.
13/01/2022 3:20
Seemingly the answer to this question seems very simple; it is apparently clear that we live with free will. Leading scientists, philosophers, physicists, have dealt with this question for years without unequivocal conclusions.
12/01/2022 7:28
Connecting a sophisticated detector of alcohol vapors and volatile drugs to the car computer is not science fiction. It just is not in the interest of the car manufacturers.
12/01/2022 4:09
The general idea is to produce reverse engineering that can shed light on the mysteries of the brain through an understanding of the mathematics that operates it.
12/01/2022 3:49
In that year (in the current decade), the international experts will examine any unidentified object for which no satisfactory explanation will be found. All information collected will be analyzed by an international team of experts. The findings and conclusions will be made public.
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