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31/05/2021 16:03
The ancient recipe of the grandmothers is indeed very effective in relieving symptoms of flu and colds—the explanation of why you will find below.
31/05/2021 13:22
Mortality rates (there is high variability between women and men) complement the strength of the immune system. (Reverse ratio)
31/05/2021 12:56
Although women are less at risk, smoke, and drink less alcohol than men, the explanation is more profound and related primarily to different biological properties.
03/05/2021 21:40
Some small examples of the numerical meanings of the sequence 3-6-9. And some other numerological properties of names.
03/05/2021 20:59
Psychotherapy has excellent value, but only for traumas or events not suppressed into the subconscious. The subconscious serves as a digital safe.
03/05/2021 20:28
Although I was lying with uncontrolled infections in a modern hospital in Israel, I was diagnosed with severe chronic liver disease (HCV) in Changsha, China.
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