Discussion: Several certified nutritionists highly recommend the Paleo diet. Is it the healthiest diet for IBD patients?

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Several certified nutritionists highly recommend the Paleo diet. Is it the healthiest diet for IBD patients?

The paleo (caveman) diet is not suitable for IBD patients. When we come to examine the Paleo diet, several significant points need to be emphasized:

1 The life expectancy of ancient man was very short - cavemen did not die of chronic diseases.
2 Animal foods involved hunting and fishing and were a tough commodity. Our ancestors did not eat meat, poultry, and fish every day.
3 By definition, everything that ancient man needed for his livelihood was organic, unprocessed, and not industrialized.
4 In the 21st century, about 99% of animal food is processed and industrialized food because the animals we feed on eat industrialized and processed food.
5 The Paleo diet dramatically reduces the consumption of fruits, grains, roots, and legumes even though they are very high-quality. Only because they were not available in the time of ancient man. (Whose life expectancy was utterly different than it is today)
6 In the Paleo diet today, about 60% -70% of calorie intake comes from animal proteins, mainly processed and industrialized food, even if purchased fresh.
7 Increased consumption of protein and animal fats puts a heavy strain on the physiological and immune system, liver, kidneys, heart, and blood vessels, and they are unhealthy over time.

Conclusion and recommendations:
Natural, organic, unprocessed, or industrialized nutrition is essential and highly recommended. However, a diet rich in animal protein is not recommended. It is hard to feel full without grains, legumes, and fruits; there is no reason to avoid them in reasonable amounts. In my opinion, the Paleo diet is better than the ketogenic diet, which has quite a few similarities, but it is not the best diet in the long run, although it results in relatively rapid weight loss.

The balanced-varied diet is the most suitable anti-inflammatory diet.
https://www.sf-healing.com/page/170 (Copy & Paste)

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