Discussion: What is the leading cause of kidney stone formation?

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What is the leading cause of kidney stone formation?

The leading cause of kidney stones is a diet of processed and industrialized foods and beverages that burden the kidneys and liver. Usually, the body can get rid of these stones, but this process requires a lot of drinking. Attacks of kidney stone displacement are excruciating and may be accompanied by fever and weakness resulting from secondary infection.

There are four main types of kidney stones:
Calcium stones: Made of calcium and phosphorus or calcium and oxalate. About 80% of kidney stones are calcium oxalate.
Struvite stones: These stones contain magnesium and ammonia. They are often quite large and take on the shape of a beam.
Uric acid stones: These stones make up 10% -5% of all kidney stones and are primarily smooth browner and softer than other kidney stones.
Cystine stones: The color of these stones is usually yellow, and they are more similar to crystals than stones.
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