Discussion: I am a 40-plus-year-old CKD patient. Can an ozone infusion help me?

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I am a 40-plus-year-old CKD patient. Can an ozone infusion help me?

I have performed dozens of ozone transfusions at a clinic that treats chronically ill patients. Ozone transfusions must be given under the supervision of a physician. It is advisable to hear a convincing explanation as to why the infusion may improve your condition. Ozone—O3 is an unstable oxygen molecule that causes an increase in the oxygen concentration in the blood. Still, it is not clear that this is indeed the treatment that may improve your condition. In retrospect, it became clear that the ozone I received was meager. Unfortunately, the treatment did not positively affect me, but patients are willing to try almost anything under challenging situations. However, if the operation is performed correctly, it has no complications or side effects. Therefore, the main risk is the lack of response (and also the considerable financial outlay)

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