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The existence of extraterrestrials is no longer in doubt. We are on a preparatory journey towards a historic encounter with extraterrestrials.

Friendly extraterrestrials.

On October 30, 1938, in honor of Halloween the next day, Orson Wells aired a radio program on CBS Radio based on a book by Herbert George Wells called "War of the Worlds, " which described the Martian invasion of Earth. The results were mass panic. Imagine a live TV show of an extraterrestrial spacecraft landing on Earth without prior preparations - panic is guaranteed! 


The existence of extraterrestrials is no longer a question but an indisputable fact.

  • Extraterrestrials have been visiting Earth since the dawn of creation, but their existence was kept a secret for fear of public reaction until recently. Gradually, the authorities released information that was once considered classified and unpublishable. The historic encounter with extraterrestrials is approaching and is expected to occur in the next decade or two.

The first documented encounter with extraterrestrials is unprecedented in the history of humankind.

  • Still, the event involves enormous risks of a military response of separatist elements, who will feel threatened. Therefore, the first meeting will involve meticulous preparations on both sides, including extraterrestrial technologies, to prevent any possible mishap!

Adrian Dvir's books reveal the most comprehensive, unusual, and fascinating information about extraterrestrials. Link: Adrian Dvir (Wikipedia) 

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11/05/2023 5:23
The upcoming event of a powerful earthquake combined with a volcanic eruption sharpened the issue of whether the event must happen.
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