Regeneration and Rejuvenation

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Good capability for regeneration is the key to longevity and good health in any species.

Regeneration vs. Rejuvenation. (The differences are sometimes unclear.)

Rejuvenation = the rate of change in the formation of healthy new cells > (higher) than the mortality rate of similar cells. (In the same time unit) Therefore the tissue will rejuvenate!

  • Such a condition is possible, but not forever, because otherwise, we will not die! Rejuvenation is measured at relative rates per time unit, while cell regeneration is an existing static feature.

Slow aging. 

  • Slow aging refers to a higher cell renewal rate than the average age range. The result is usually a look younger than the chronological age.
  • If we consistently maintain a fit lifestyle and nutrition – We age slower than our chronological age. Slow aging (rejuvenation) is probably the case for a minority population.
  • People who age slower than their peers will probably be healthier older adults, but immortal lives are impossible!

Neutral Aging.

  • We age according to our chronological age. Neutral aging is probably the case for the majority of the population.

Faster Aging.

  • We age more quickly than our chronological age.
  • Unfortunately, Having fast regeneration and rejuvenation capabilities does not mean that we can escape death.
  • Malnutrition in children (especially in underdeveloped countries) may lead to a cessation of tissue regeneration. The little food is channeled to the conservation of life energy.

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