Regeneration and Rejuvenation

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Good capability for regeneration is the key to longevity and good health in any species.

Regeneration vs. Rejuvenation. (The differences are sometimes unclear.)

Regeneration refers to the process of cell & tissue renewal. Rejuvenation refers to the rate at which new cells are created versus the cell death rate.

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12/07/2018 19:34
There are hundreds of different diets, each somewhat different from one another. That can be confusing; at least it was for me.
27/05/2018 17:21
The purpose of the food pyramid is to make recommendations for proper nutrition. However, it does not provide a complete picture.
27/05/2018 17:12
All chronic liver diseases obstruct the liver's blood and bile flow. By unblocking and cleansing the liver & kidneys, it is possible to initiate the regeneration of liver tissue.
27/05/2018 17:11
Good health, high life expectancy are directly related to enhanced tissue regeneration capabilities.
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