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Love, romance, intimacy, and sex are essential for recovery from any chronic disease.

Love is ageless. It has no boundaries. It is not only between men and women but in every possible configuration. It has no culture, color, race, religion, language, or country!


The ability to recover miraculously increases when the patient finds support and love.

Compassionate nurse syndrome stories are often very romantic.

  • The stories about the wounded soldier who married the nurse are often described in movies and are described as compassionate nurse syndrome.
  • In severe distress, physical and emotional support for the patient has deep meaning for both parties.
  • Both the giving side and the receiving side are donated! The patient receives support, understanding, and love and the giving side receives gratitude and emotional commitment.


Unlike movies where the injured are usually young, chronic illnesses are not romantic!

Chronic illnesses often involve great suffering and sacrifice on the part of the healthy spouse.

  • Although chronic diseases break out in adolescence, the most common chronic diseases break out 45-50 and up. At these ages, most people live in a relationship. (Not necessarily marriage)
  • When one spouse has a chronic illness, the relationship is usually not based on "sexual love" because chronic patients' sexual abilities are often poorer.
  • After endless treatments and a prolonged stay in China for 13 years, I found a Chinese woman's support and love. Had it not been for this love, I would not have survived the disease!


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10/02/2021 9:07
The ability to recover miraculously increases when the patient finds love and support.
23/10/2020 7:57
Men and women with chronic illnesses need love, touch, warmth, and also sex.
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