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High blood cholesterol is a symptom of the illness rather than the disease itself.

High blood cholesterol primary cause.

  • Improper nutrition, especially industrialized and processed foods,  affects cholesterol levels, but it is not necessarily due to high cholesterol intake. 
  • High blood cholesterol levels are usually the result of multiple inflammatory processes in the body. It requires the liver to produce more cholesterol. 


Why does the liver produce high amounts of cholesterol when the body is in prolonged inflammation?

  • Inflammation, in their broad definition, are a repair mechanism for damaged tissue.
  • Every cell's fatty membrane in our body comprises cholesterol, so repairing cells requires the liver to produce more cholesterol! Cholesterol is not the enemy in this case.


LDL (bad cholesterol) size should be analyzed. 

  • Harmful cholesterol (LDL) is the smaller one that clings to the walls of blood vessels. (Most blood tests do not make the proper distinction in sizes of harmful cholesterol.)


How can I lower my cholesterol and blood pressure naturally?

These two widespread symptoms are related to each other. They are mainly the result of an inflammatory diet that creates a lot of damage to tissues and deposits on the walls of the blood vessels that cause calcification and narrowing of the blood vessels.

  • The natural solution (without any medication) is a varied, natural diet; without industrialized and processed foods (which is now a major part of the modern diet), sharp reduction animal foods—consumption of only natural beverages, without soft drinks, or sugary drinks, including diet drinks.


Lipitor is a statin and one of the best-selling drugs in the world. It acts on the liver and inhibits cholesterol production processes. However, it is not a cure for inflammation and has severe side effects over time.

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