Coffee and Baking Soda enemas benefits and risks

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Coffee enemas, Baking soda enemas, Lemon juice enemas, and Probiotics of live bacteria enemas can be carried out at home under hygienic conditions and privacy.

The immense benefits of coffee and baking soda enemas.

Coffee enemas have an exceptional ability to push out of the body's unwanted necrotic digestive tissue, which is a necessary condition for rehabilitating the damaged tissue that remains. There is no condition in which the body emits healthy tissue.


  • Coffee enemas are an excellent tool for recovery from many chronic diseases (but they are not a stand-alone treatment.)
    • The liver is the largest gland in the body. It is the body’s sewage system. When you look at the photos in this site's gallery, you will be amazed by what the liver can hold.
    • In many cases, asymptomatic people have solid green hepatic stones (This is bile that has turned solid). These stones block bile flow to the intestines. These blockages are the cause of many health issues.

1 Coffee enemas can release significant quantities of toxins from the entire digestive system. 

  • Coffee enemas release large quantities of toxins stuck inside the liver with no way out due to blockages developed over the years. (Partial liver blockages are very common.) 
  • By releasing toxins into the duodenum to then leave the body, the liver can regenerate itself.
  • When the body is less toxic, Qi energy is higher, so you feel more energetic.
  • The awful smell most often originating in the liver that has been depleted of many toxins. It reflects an incredibly successful coffee enema.

2. Improved bile production and flow.

  • The liver produces about 800-1000 ml of bile daily. If the bile flow is correct, it counteracts the stomach's high acidity into the small intestine and balances the pH. Otherwise, parasites will thrive in the small intestine and take the place of good bacteria.
  • Furthermore, bile contains oily substances that prevent intestinal contents from leaking out of the intestinal walls.

3 Peristalsis of the intestines is up to 7 times higher than usual.

  • Peristalsis of the intestines is up to 7 times higher than usual, clearing all the leftover food and decayed tissue left in the intestines.

4 Improving gut flora balance.

  • Coffee enemas help to balance the intestinal flora. It prevents leaky gut syndrome and helps restore immune system functions that have been depleted. (Even after many years of chronic inflammations.)

5 Improving Brain cognitive functions & mood.

  • Balanced gut flora has a direct effect on brain functions. Cognitive abilities, alertness, and mood are affected by the level of the neurotransmitter serotonin. The production of serotonin is primarily done in the gut in the presence of good bacteria.

6 Improves intestinal absorption of nutrients.

  • Coffee enemas improve the absorption of nutrients that would otherwise have gone to waste. It also supports weight loss.

7. Constipation prevention.

  • Coffee enemas prevent constipation because bile flow to the intestines is improved.

8 Strengthening the immune system.

  • All inflammations in the body are directly related to liver & kidney functions. (Due to high levels of toxicity.)


Minimizing the risks inherent in the ongoing performance of coffee enemas.

  • If coffee enemas are administered frequently, they rapidly deplete the electrolytes in the body. To replenish these electrolytes, you must consume the proper amount of fresh-squeezed juice. The juice has to contain celery leaves in high quantities to ensure your electrolytes are restored to the appropriate level.
  • Coffee enemas drain Qi energy, so you need to devise a relaxed lifestyle if you want to use this technique for extended periods. This means getting a good night’s sleep and plenty of rest.
  • The bile that enters the duodenum pushes the small intestine contents into the large intestine, so you have to follow strict rules to avoid side effects. You can do a coffee enema only on an empty stomach waiting at least 3 hours after eating a light meal and 5-6 hours after eating meat.
    • You have to empty your large intestines before administering a coffee enema. Having a baking soda enema first is recommended.
  • In passing through the entire intestinal tract, the coffee enema also takes out. It destroys the good bacteria, so you need to continually replenish the natural probiotics or take natural live bacteria supplements.
  • Getting burned by boiling coffee is not a real hazard, in my opinion. If you feel that the liquid is too hot, add cold water until you reach body temperature. (37 - 40 C.)
  • Mild fever is, in many cases, a symptom of a successful coffee enema.

Liver disease patients with a stent implanted in their liver - Cannot perform coffee enemas and liver flushes.

During coffee enemas, significant amounts of toxins leave the body; the immune system tries to eliminate the rest of its inflammation with even higher intensity. To do this, a fever may appear. Usually, the fever is mild. Temperature is often an indication that the body is fighting. You should take it as a positive sign and not a negative one. 

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Coffee enemas can release significant amounts of toxins stuck inside the liver and digestive tract due to bile duct obstructions. It has a considerable impact on strengthening the immune system.
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