Intuition & telepathy are the future of advanced, cost-effective covert communication.

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Telepathy and intuition have no distance limits and no need for amplifiers, antennas, or satellite relays. Making it the most advanced form of communication.


Telepathy and intuition are not yet sufficiently developed in most of us, but they have a massive advantage as a form of communication. Memory theft and biohacking are ideas that appear in science fiction movies but have a grip on reality. The development of intuition and telepathy to a high level will significantly change how the human race communicates.

The French philosopher Rene Descartes believed that the human pineal gland is "the main seat of the soul." In many cultures, you will find the third eye sign, a symbol of supreme-mystical reason. In Indian culture, the sixth chakra is called the "third eye" and controls the imagination, intuition, purpose, and direction in life. Although neuroscience has evolved dramatically, knowledge about the pineal gland remains only at the physiological and endocrine levels.


Intuition is often referred to as the Third eye.

Intuition is often referred to as the Third eye.

It is worth distinguishing between intelligent guessing and intuition, not based on previous experience and logic!

If you search for definitions for intuition, you will find a lack of uniformity. Link: Intuition (Wikipedia) 

  • Intuition, telepathy, and telekinesis (the movement of objects without contact and the activation of visible energy) share many unexplained characteristics.
    • In movies, these phenomena appear regularly and very naturally; in reality, it is difficult for us to accept unexplained phenomena.

Does intuition exist in all of us?

  • Intuition is a trait that exists in everyone at varying levels. It usually decreases with age. (It is not clear if this is related to degeneration of the pineal gland in the brain, which also degenerates)

Is intuition a trait that can be developed?

  • Intuition is a supersensible phenomenon whose development is mainly related to open-mindedness and consciousness.

Instinct is a mechanism of survival, bypassing logic but different from intuition.

  • Instinct is a survival mechanism that bypasses logic; embedded from birth, it does not activate the subconscious. (The crying of a newborn baby is an example of an instinctive human action) In contrast, intuition is a mechanism that is not innate but is activated by the subconscious while bypassing logic and thinking.


Advanced telepathic abilities are attributed to aliens! (Interesting where the knowledge comes from)

Telepathy is the most advanced covert communication.

Do telepathy and intuition exist in reality or only in movies? 

Link: Telepathy (Wikipedia)

The pineal gland in the brain is considered the telepathic organ. It also exists in other mammals. The pineal gland degenerates with age, possibly due to lack of use. Mystics attribute the pineal gland to the place of the spirit and the connection with other worlds. It is a great pity that science does not try to decipher the secrets of this vital gland in depth.

Today, institutional science sees these phenomena as pseudo-scientific—part of the para-psychology of strange and unexplained phenomena seemingly contradict the known physics principles.

Many studies confirm the telepathy phenomenon far beyond statistical probability. (Vast potential applications  for covert military operations)

  • The phenomenon of telepathy, according to studies, is not related to distance! Therefore, the possibility of transmitting - input of electromagnetic radiation that fades over long distances (in direct proportion to the distance square) is ruled out. Is the universe connected to a virtual network where the ability to communicate differs from person to person? A fascinating topic for research that may break boundaries.
  • The phenomenon of telepathy is reminiscent of Quantum entanglement (Wikipedia), for which no plausible explanation has been found. Similar to telepathy, quantum entanglement creates a single-valued affinity regardless of distance! But quantum entanglement exists only in subatomic particles, while ostensibly telepathy is a phenomenon between intelligent entities.

Is there a possible scientific explanation for telepathy, intuition, telekinesis, and more?

  • These phenomena seemingly contradict the energy and information conservation laws and possibly other physical laws. But without understanding these techniques, we may not be able to see a complete picture of where the energy that drives these processes comes from.


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