A single organ or system cannot be cured apart of the rest of the body. The entire body's immune system has to recover as well.

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The immune system is located in every cell in our body. It is the sum of all the body's physiological-energetic capacity, from head to toe, thus making it holistic.

A single organ or system cannot be cured apart of the rest of the body. The entire body's immune system has to recover as well. image 1

"It is easy to hate, and it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things works. All good things are difficult to achieve, while bad things are straightforward to get."

Confucius (551 BC – 479 BC) was a Chinese teacher, politician, and philosopher. By Simran Khurana (Updated March 18, 2017)

The location of symptoms does not necessarily reveal the main problem. Often the illness is along the harmed energy channel. (Meridian)  

The immune system is even throughout our entire body, but its manifestation may differ in our body's organs/systems.

  • This phenomenon's explanation stems from the nutrients' availability and ability to reach and repair accumulated tissue damage. The blockages result from compromised blood, bile, and lymphatic flow. (Causes are mainly due to an unhealthy mental and physical lifestyle.)
  • The organs in the diagram below are directly related to the immune system. Still, the immune system's strength results from the body's total physiology, including the mental-energetic ability.
  • Were young patients who died from coronavirus complications, without background diseases, really healthy before they died? Those who died young from the coronavirus, seemingly without background illnesses, had a weak immune system by definition. The explanation is often combined with a mental-spiritual state and not just a physical one. A weak immune system is not necessarily symptomatic until the late stages.


The immune system's dedicated organs. (It is not the complete list!)

The immune system is a part of the survival self-defense mechanism.

Link: Immune system (Wikipedia)

  • The biological Survival–Self-defense mechanism is common to all organisms.
    • The immune system is a part of this mechanism.
  • Human beings have the most sophisticated physical & mental mechanisms for survival and self-defense.

There are two components of the immune system.

  1. Innate immune system - More basic non-specific immediate immune response.
  2. Adaptive immune system - explicitly targeted against a variety of foreign invaders. While very useful, it takes time. The advantage is that the information about the antibody is stored in memory in case of need.

All vaccines for the coronavirus should act on the Adaptive Immune system to give the patient a long-term vaccination as possible.

Glutathione - Essential antioxidant at the cellular level. (Often ignored.)

  • Glutathione is of enormous importance in the proper functioning of the immune system.
  • Prolonged glutathione deficiency can cause severe illnesses, including cancer.
  • Glutathione cannot be consumed in its active form; the liver must synthesize its active form. (There are glutathione injections on the market, their effectiveness is unclear.)
  • Eating sulfur-rich foods has a significant contribution to improving the level of glutathione in the body:
    • Such as Avocado, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, broccoli, onion, garlic.


The immune system explained. (Excellent) 

Major factors affecting the immune system.

Self-healing principles treat all factors simultaneously to strengthen the immune system and thus cure any acquired chronic disease.

Link: Self-Healing Medicine – Main principles & guidelines.

Peace, calm, contentment, and happiness energize life energy and strengthen the immune system.

  • Love, happiness, Sex with emotions.
  • Negative emotions damage the immune system.

Healthy lifestyle.

  • Smoking cigarettes and alcoholic beverages harm the immune system.

A varied diet of all foods containing only natural products (preferably inorganic and non-genetically engineered) greatly impacts the immune system.

  • Industrialized and processed foods and beverages have a far-reaching negative impact on the immune system.

Steady temperatures - Frequent temperature changes cause the body to lose energy. (Not just calories) This is why flu is more common in transition seasons.

Exercise (moderate) is essential for the lymphatic system's functioning, the second line of defense of the immune system.

At least 7 hours of regular sleep is of great importance for maintaining a proper immune system.

  • Tissue rehabilitation and regeneration are mainly performed during the night.

Controlled sun exposure contributes to maintaining proper body physiology in general and the immune system in particular.


It is not possible to strengthen the immune system over time with medication. We must maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet! (Challenging)

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