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Futuristic technology that filters the blood to levels that mimic people with a very healthy diet & lifestyle.

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Futuristic technology filters the blood & lymphatic fluid levels that mimic people with a very healthy diet & lifestyle. It will be integrated with intra-hepatic bile stones' liquidation and opening liver & gallbladder blockages if necessary. 


The main idea - Purifying the blood during sleep to optimal levels.

Each of us was very happy to improve his health, quality of life, and longevity.

Link: Regeneration, Rejuvenation & life expectancy.

The question is whether it is possible -the answer is "yes."

  • Natural and faster than usual regeneration and rejuvenation require rigorous discipline expressed in a very selective consumption of foods & beverages while maintaining a relaxed lifestyle. This is a challenging task in the modern world.

Integration and innovation of existing and new blood purification technologies for the use of healthy asymptomatic people to boost rejuvenation while gaining a healthier body and a better appearance.

  • Harnessing existing technology will enable us to regain our natural regeneration capabilities and maintain our modern lifestyle habits.
  • These technologies are serving mainly patients with advanced stages of liver and kidney disease. 

Imagine all these purification systems and much more attached to a specially designed bed.


Rejuvenation bed – Science at work while we sleep.

How it might work. (Scenario)

  • The main obstacle from the consumers' point of view (except for the price) will be to reconnect daily to their blood circulation.
  • The system will sit in a box under the bad, with excellent noise insulation and good maintenance accessibility.
  • No one has to see all the tubes with the blood flowing through them.
  • Magnetic valves will be inserted into a vein & artery in a convenient location in the legs.
  • Tubes will attach automatically to the vein & artery by using a voice command.
  • The attachment to the magnetic valves will not require any intervention from the consumer. The 3d cameras will guide a robotic arm directly to the magnetic attachment.
  • This attachment will allow normal movement during sleep.  
  • A detachment of the tubes will be via voice command or a sudden movement.
  • The attachment will automatically sterilize itself after each use.



Next-generation beds for blood purification. (This is not remote science fiction)

Adults usually spend 6-8 hours a night in bed. The bed can be turned into a very sophisticated integrated platform.

It might include the following existing components and many more: 

  • A Bio Artificial liver machine, Integrated with a Kidney hemolytic dialysis machine.
    • Blood purification - Removing toxins and unwanted chemicals & excessive levels of harming compounds such as LDL cholesterol (Bad cholesterol (.
    • Blood analysis computerized laboratory.
    • An (Indirect) urine analysis laboratory.
    • Pulse and blood pressure real-time monitoring.
    • Bodyweight and diet recommendations.
  • Skin & hair analysis. (Via high definition cameras with low light sensors(.
  • Body temperature. (Infrared sensors)
  • Sleep analysis through high definition cameras with low light sensors.


Blood purification System output. (Scenario)

  • Blood purification will reduce the body's toxicity; it will help to remove harmful chemicals.
  • Warning against deterioration in physical condition.  
  • All medical reports will be sent to users’ smartphones through a dedicated secured application.
  • This blood purification system will give detailed reports on:
    • Pulse, body's temperature, blood pressure.
    • Full blood and urine analysis on demand.
    • Individual analysis of deviant values that need to be treated.
    • Wight control and diet recommendations. 
      • Instructions on what to eat or drink (juices) and where such items can be found. (Also, take-away service will be provided)
      • Location of health food restaurants that serve specific dishes to promote nutrition and health according to the analysis.
    • Recommendations for vacations when a patient shows signs of stress.
    • Setting appointments with specialists if needed.
    • Recommendation to exercise. (Giving exact times and locations, according to user's preferences.)
  • The camera will analyze sleeping habits, face skin & hair condition, body temperature, etc.   


In the begging (like most new technologies), it will be costly; probably only rich people will afford themselves such advanced technology. Within a few years later, it should become much cheaper and affordable to a much larger population. Such technology might revolutionize the health & food industries within a decade or two. 

At the moment, this rejuvenation system may seem science fiction, but I believe it can happen shortly. 


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