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Futuristic technology that filters the blood to levels that mimic people with a very healthy diet & lifestyle.

Regeneration and Rejuvenation.

Futuristic technology filters the blood & lymphatic fluid levels that mimic people with a very healthy diet & lifestyle. It will be integrated with intra-hepatic bile stones' liquidation and opening liver & gallbladder blockages if necessary. 


Purifying the blood during sleep to optimal levels will have immense health implications.

We were delighted to improve his health, quality of life, and longevity. This technology will require a quick, multiple connection and disconnection from the bloodstream.

Link: Regeneration, Rejuvenation & life expectancy.

Is this technology possible shortly - the answer is "Yes?"

  • It is a combination of existing technologies for blood purification, which will be minimized to a home device. The main obstacle is a long-term connection to the bloodstream.

Integration and innovation of existing and new blood purification technologies for healthy asymptomatic people to boost rejuvenation while gaining a healthier body and a better appearance.

  • Harnessing existing technology will enable us to regain our natural regeneration capabilities and maintain our modern lifestyle habits.
  • These technologies mainly serve patients with advanced stages of liver and kidney disease. 


Blood purification machine.

Blood purification machine.

Rejuvenation bed – Science at work while we sleep.

How it might work. (Scenario)

  • The main obstacle from the consumers' point of view (except for the price) will be reconnecting daily to their blood circulation.
  • The system will sit in a box under the bed, with excellent noise insulation and good maintenance accessibility.
  • No one has to see all the tubes with the blood flowing through them.
  • Magnetic valves will be inserted into a vein & artery conveniently in the legs.
  • Tubes will automatically attach to the vein & artery using a voice command.
  • The attachment to the magnetic valves will not require any intervention from the consumer. The 3d cameras will guide a robotic arm directly to the magnetic attachment.
  • This attachment will allow normal movement during sleep.  
  • The tubes will be detached via voice command or a sudden movement.
  • The attachment will automatically sterilize itself after each use.


Imagine all these purification systems and much more attached to modified to fit any bed.

Imagine all these purification systems and much more attached to modified to fit any bed.

Adults usually spend 6-8 hours a night in bed. The bed can be turned into a very sophisticated integrated platform.

Next-generation beds for blood purification. (This is not remote science fiction)

Such a system may include the following existing components and many more: 

  • A Bio Artificial liver machine, Integrated with a Kidney hemolytic dialysis machine.
    • Blood purification - Removing toxins and unwanted chemicals & excessive levels of harmful compounds such as LDL cholesterol (Bad cholesterol (.
    • Blood analysis computerized laboratory.
    • An (Indirect) urine analysis laboratory.
    • Pulse and blood pressure real-time monitoring.
    • Bodyweight and diet recommendations.
  • Skin & hair analysis. (Via high definition cameras with low light sensors(.
  • Body temperature. (Infrared sensors)
  • Sleep analysis through high-definition cameras with low light sensors.


Blood purification System output. (Scenario)

  • Blood purification will reduce the body's toxicity and help remove harmful chemicals.
  • Warning against deterioration in physical condition.  
  • A dedicated secured application will send all medical reports to users' smartphones.
  • This blood purification system will give detailed reports on:
    • Pulse, body temperature, blood pressure.
    • Whole blood and urine analysis on demand.
    • Individual study of deviant values that need to be treated.
    • Wight control and diet recommendations. 
      • Instructions on what to eat or drink (juices) and where such items can be found. (Also, take-away service will be provided)
      • According to the analysis, the location of health food restaurants that serve specific dishes promotes nutrition and health.
    • Recommendations for vacations when a patient shows signs of stress.
    • Setting appointments with specialists if needed.
    • Recommendation to exercise. (Giving exact times and locations, according to user's preferences.)
  • The camera will analyze sleeping habits, face, skin & hair condition, body temperature, etc. 


The application of this technology, combined with the "injection" of life energy - is the key to a good quality of life and long life expectancy.

  • Medications have exhausted themselves and are incapable of curing chronic diseases, as they only treat the symptoms! This is the next generation of technologies to improve public health, quality of life, and life expectancy.


Summary and Recommendations.

In the begging (like most new technologies), it will be costly; probably only rich people will afford such advanced technology. A few years later, it should become much cheaper and affordable to a larger population. Such technology might revolutionize the health & food industries within a decade or two. This rejuvenation system may seem science fiction at the moment, but I believe it can happen shortly. 


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