A Kung fu master who looks as if he has come out of a movie.

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07/09/2020 22:31

On a hilltop outside the city of Changsha, China, in a pastoral landscape, there was a kung fu school.

A Kung fu master who looks as if he has come out of a movie. image 1

The Kung Fu master is usually not photographed, there are no foreigners in Changsha. He was photographed with a friend of mine whom he likes very much. The master is basically a monk (who is not dressed as a monk) he does not get married and leads a very modest lifestyle.

  • The master prepared a mixture of ground stem peels that strengthens the liver, I was given a small handful to taste, (the medicine could not be purchased) The medicine was intended for self-use by the students and teaching staff at the Kung Fu school.


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