Are extraterrestrials a military and existential threat?

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17/10/2022 4:53

An encounter with extraterrestrials seems closer than ever! In my opinion, extraterrestrials do not pose a military risk! Existential risk has an intrinsic origin.


If you ask military personnel, they will point out the enormous military risk inherent in encounters with extraterrestrials. If you ask scientists, you will understand that military threat does not exist; the reasons for this are prosaic. Those who can pass through wormholes (passing through a space-time dimension) are on a completely different technological scale, capable of destroying the Earth without difficulty. The premise is that extraterrestrials are as curious as we are and have other motives. (non-military) The most dramatic risk is internal, especially on the part of loose regimes, which individuals control. Nuclear weapons today can quite easily get into the wrong hands.


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