A hydrocele testis. (Accumulation of fluids around a testicle.)

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02/06/2022 4:48

The cause of A hydrocele testis is usually chronic inflammation of the testicles & the groin area. (Epiiddimitis & Orchitis)

A hydrocele testis. (Accumulation of fluids around a testicle.) image 1

The hydrocele itself is a symptom caused by high toxicity levels in the groin area.

The hydrocele formation is a self-defense mechanism to prevent further damage to the inner parts of the testicle. 


  • The fluid sac around the testicle usually does not cause pain, but it creates an unpleasant sensation and appearance.
  • Chronic prostatitis & epididymitis patients often develop hydroceles. It is rather unpleasant and may cause embarrassment.
  • Hydrocele may appear if the body cannot correctly detoxify, especially in the groin area. This might be a sign of long-term chronic prostatitis or a more severe condition.

Hydrocele testis size fluctuates.

  • The hydrocele size is not constant; it fluctuates according to the groin area's toxicity levels.
  • Pumping the fluid does reduce the swelling for a few days. Unfortunately, the liquid returns to its previous condition within a few days.
  • Hydrocele testis cannot be cured with drugs nor Chinese herbal remedies.

Hydrocele surgery. (Not recommended)

  • Medical centers worldwide perform the surgery with assurances that the phenomenon will not return in the future! (I doubt that is the case.)
  • Symptomatic treatments such as hydrocele surgery usually cannot cure the patient, as they do not eliminate the disease's causes.
    • Watching videos of the surgery leaves me doubt about the future damage to the testicle, not to mention the risks of infections and other hazards.
    • The main problem with this type of solution is that it treats the symptoms (without eliminating the cause), and therefore, many patients report that the hydrocele is back again after a few years!  
  • If an operation is suggested, you should postpone it after all tests & symptoms show that the entire body's inflammation and groin area are cured. But then the hydrocele will disappear. So you do not need any surgery!

Natural & Non-invasive treatment using self-healing medicine. 

  • Self-healing is the only root alternative that guarantees a complete and long-term solution.
  • If the groin area is cleansed of toxins, the hydrocele will gradually shrink until it completely disappears. (No causes – no symptoms.)
  • The main drawback of self-healing is the need for changes in lifestyle & habits. The transformation is enormous in every aspect. 


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