Potential health issues in restaurants and food stalls.

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19/03/2022 3:54

Modern life has made eating in restaurants a routine and part of social interaction.

  • The freshness of food products, recycled food leftovers (Usually hard to know, unless sick after dining.)
  • Recycled fats – overheating turns liquid fats into hydrogenated fats; they are toxic and harmful. (Sometimes hard to know; burned fat gets dark, but the light dish does not mean that the oil used was reasonable.  
  • Poor Hygiene conditions. (A good restaurant will have its toilets cleaned regularly.)
  • Unhealthy low variety dishes animal products without balancing with fresh salads and vegetable recipes.
  • Lots of calories per meal.
  • Soft drinks & alcoholic beverages without a variety of healthier drinks.   

Unfortunately, Not many restaurants serve organic or vegan food. (It is more expensive but a good investment in one's health.)


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