I propose to announce the International UFO's - Extraterrestrials year 202X.

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12/01/2022 3:49

There is no need to discuss whether extraterrestrials are visiting our world; the answer is known and positive! It is essential to provide the public with reliable and transparent information as soon as possible.

I propose to announce the International UFO's - Extraterrestrials year 202X. image 1

There is no point in denying it - extraterrestrials are an existing fact! The fact that they operate in our world (perhaps for thousands of years) cannot be denied, although it is not spoken outright! Mainly for fear of panic.

Some videos (slightly blurry) with reliable testimonies of American fighter pilots show objects with the ability to maneuver, speed, dive, and leave the water, features that do not exist in our world today. (Not to Russia or China either) Humanity must prepare public opinion for an encounter with extraterrestrials that will probably occur within a decade or two. In fact, the information campaign has already started, only at a low intensity.

The International Extraterrestrial Year will be dedicated to information and reassurance that there is no military or existential threat to humanity. Whoever can reach our world can wipe out humanity without difficulty. The aliens are curious (just like us), and they are trying to discover the secrets of the universe; they are just millions of years ahead of us!


Contrary to the notion of a random encounter with aliens, in my estimation, the first encounter with aliens will be well planned and timed in coordination with them!

Intelligent aliens know that meeting them will create turmoil and even chaos, so their initial exposure must be the result of meticulous 4-step planning:

  1. The stage of deliberate leaks of truth data about the existence of aliens. The media will bring in many experts who will confirm the possibility of the existence of aliens.
  2. A stage of calming the public in a comprehensive and global campaign. The main message will be that there is no fear of intelligent aliens. The campaigns will ostensibly be funded by entities not affiliated with governments. (In order not to confirm conspiracy theories)
  3. A dramatic announcement by world leaders about a relationship formed with aliens: the message will be synchronized between the powers and world leaders. Its primary purpose is to calm the public and the financial markets. The principal announcement will be that aliens will bring unprecedented technological and economic momentum to human history.
  4. A date for the physical encounter with aliens will be set for a neutral place far from a place of settlement. The date will be arranged in advance with the aliens only after the preparation period is over, and it can be said that the public trusts the reassuring messages; otherwise, the meeting will be postponed!


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There are hundreds and maybe thousands of videos with mentions and pictures of alleged aliens. Some are serious and bring credible witnesses. You will also find several versions regarding an encounter with aliens. In my opinion, the encounter with aliens has already taken place in secret; the question of exposure is a matter of timing.

I think establishing an international alien agency is only a matter of time. Such an agency may already exist in secret. 

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