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24/10/2022 5:49
The disregard of modern medicine for the energetic-mental side of the human body does not allow recovery from many chronic diseases.
24/10/2022 5:33
Unlike conventional medicine, Self-healing functional medicine eliminates the causes of the disease rather than its symptoms.
24/10/2022 5:21
The human body has two primary filters: the liver and kidneys and a long sewage system (the digestive system) that occasionally need mechanical cleansing.
17/10/2022 6:11
I propose to see curiosity as an energetic phenomenon embedded in every living being at different levels. The laws of conservation of energy and entropy (disorder) require the existence of curiosity!
17/10/2022 5:25
Extraterrestrial technology will yield trillions of dollars and determine who will be the leading global power for the foreseeable period.
17/10/2022 4:53
An encounter with extraterrestrials seems closer than ever! In my opinion, extraterrestrials do not pose a military risk! Existential risk has an intrinsic origin.
05/10/2022 5:33
Three factors determine the objective severity of pain.
05/10/2022 5:27
Painkillers block the pain without curing the inflammation that causes the pain.
05/10/2022 5:21
Applications of the Gate Control theory. (Regarding pain)
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